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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by solerida, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Thought i should make an intro, been here a little while and just kept forgetting to do this](*,)
    Been a long time guest of the site and finally decided to join.
    Fairly new to road bikes.
    I'm a shift worker, so once the school holidays are over I'll be able to get out more often during the week as at the moment i'm looking after the kid's most of the time.

    I live in the Cobram area and am wondering if anyone travelling thru/to/near here, wants to show a novice some road tips or just wants to go for a spin.

    Anyway, hope everyone has had a great Xmas & New Year,

  2. Welcome to the forums! Even if you have been here since last year >_>
    What bike have you got ?
  3. Bugger, new i forgot something......

    I'm riding the all awesome Bandit 1250!!!....and it's Naked :)
  4. Welcome, naked solerida :LOL:
  5. There's nothing like a little nakedness!
  6. desconhecido bem-vindo!
  7. welcome bud :)
  8. Welcome to the naked club!
    The Bandit 1250 looks like a very nice bike. I was contemplating one as an upgrade. How do you find it? If I'm ever over in Vic I'll go for a cruise with you ;)
  9. Thanks for the welcome people!!

    @kde- I dont have much past experience with road bikes, but this bike is bloody great mate, very versatile.
  10. Welcome aboard mate.
    Love the 1250 bandit, one of a few that look good naked :p
  11. Yes another Cobram person. Welcome to netrider.
    It would be great to go for a ride some time, there is a small handfull of us that go out every now and then. Worst part is everybody getting the same time off.
    I am trying to get a ride going for Australia day riding over to Mount Beuty. Will keep you posted.
  12. Thanks Wolfmother,
    Who is the small handfull??
    Yep, it is a bugga trying to get time off for the same day as everyone else!!

    Friggen shift work ...:)

    Thinking of riding over to Yarrawonga/Mul then back home along the NSW side early next week.
    ( yes i know its not a big ride.....)
  13. I finnish work at 3:30pm if your looking for some one to ride with next week.
  14. Welcome Solerida :dance: