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Howdy y'all!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vagrant, May 28, 2007.

  1. Gday all,

    Firstly, no I dont really speak like that. However, I have just spent the last 2 years (equalling my entire street riding career) in Texas (US) for work. I am 27 and my first bike was a '05 Ninja 250, second a '02 SV650, third '03 ZX6R (636). The reason behind my high turnover rate of bike was simply due to natural progression of my skills set. With the 650/600cc class I found a level that I was more than happy with. Although I have ridden some of my mates litre bikes (zx10r, R1) on occassion -- and I loved em!!!, I decided that the 600 gets me into more than enough trouble with the law and the Law (the wife).

    I've done a handful of trackdays over in the states (with my mates back there) and I have the scuffs to prove it (not from the rotary sander). :p

    So, now I am back in Adelaide discovering the fantastic adelaide hills for what they really are - a motorcyclist's heaven (okay, minus the cagers).

    Just bought myself a gsxr600 k7, purely because it was the best "bang for buck" (IMO) that I could afford. Decided to go new as there is just something about knowing exactly how your bike has been treated.

    So basically, I am a bit of a newb as far as tyres and aftermarket parts/accessories goes as there are heaps of different brands/makes/models here than in the states.

    Over there my Tyre of choice was the Metzler M1 for stickiness. Not sure if they are available here or not. Also a good performer (IMO) due to its dual (or tri?) compound -- longer life -- was the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT.

    I'll just shutup now, just please bear with me for a while if I biatch about how much more expensive everything is here - I'll get over it I promise!

  2. Hey Vagrant,

    Welcome home. Like you, I was stationed in the US for almost 5 years - San Fran and LOVED it.... :)

    Yes, it really is a different world there and you can get soooo many cool things for your bikes that you can a easily acquire here.

    Anyway, welcome to the madness - dont stress the moderators out, they are dangerous... :LOL: :LOL:
  3. NO WE ARE NOT!!!!!

    hey Vagrant, welcome to Netrider, and back to OZ.

    heaps of info here; whatever you need to know someone will have the answer, for sure....
  4. hey there vagrant, welcome.....and to help keep the mods and other happy, update your profile with your location - helps us help u when u ask location-related questions....

  5. doh! thought I had that sorted. thanks for the welcome.
  6. No, you didnt, now bl^$dy update it..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. done now - good onya....

  8. welcome

    and yes the M1's are available over here
  9. schweet. what are they worth roughly? The only drawback to them is I used to cut through a rear in 1000 to 1500 miles (1600 to 2400kms) when riding hard.
  10. not entirely sure i will ask when i go pick my bike back up from the shop
  11. dont worry too much. I'll get off my arse and do it myself one of these days.
  12. ah picked my bike up and forgot about it sorry, if its anywhere arond the price of the 2CT it will be around $270-$300