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Howdy Y'all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by kurnell sanders, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Just saying g'day and joining in with those who have a similar passion in life, bikes..
    I enjoy most things with wheels especially bikes. its in my blood. both my grandfathers had bikes, one a couple of Vincents and the other had a Rudge and a Bugatti sports car...
    My dad was involved in motor racing years ago in both Speedway bikes and bathurst car racing which led to me becoming a volunteer pit lane official for bikes and cars. Its a great way to get involved in racing.
    I have two bikes at the moment, a Honda VTR250 and a Suzuki GSXR 750 and i am looking to expand later.
    Thanks for having me as a part of your forum and hopefully i can help those with similar interests. Stay safe and keep the rubber side down...
    Kurnell Sanders..

  2. Thanks c0rrupt, for the welcome...
  3. welcome to NR, enjoy the fun, sounds like you already have :)
  4. Thanks Goddie, yes I already have and i will have more to enjoy
  5. Welcome.

    I'd be interested to know the name (if appropriate) of your dad; I had a long involvement with speedway as an official and in other capacities, and followed car and bike racing at Bathurst very closely as well..

    Welcome too, and I love the imaginative username; did you see this item on news.com.au in the last couple of hours? http://www.news.com.au/technology/c...iral-on-facebook/story-e6frfro0-1226273538689
  6. Hey Hornet thanks for the welcome. The username came from years ago living in Kurnell (back when there were SAND dunes, that have all but one been mined out).
    Dad's involvment in speedway was working with his mate Frank Malouf ,racing at the showgrounds, westmead and kembla grange speedways and with cars he worked with the Geoghgan brothers.
    Noticing that your from the Gong (as now am i), i was wondering if you have heard of a TT road race that was held down here. I was told a while ago by a guy in shellharbour with a couple of Bultaco road racing bikes of the race but I cannot find any info on it.
    I love road racing and collect memorabilia about all sorts of old races as race tracks are being killed off in Australia. I have old race programs from 1948 Bathurst TT race that Jack Brabham was entered as a Junior on a Velocette 348 O.H.C. and Warwick Farm.
    But there are many other race tracks like Maroubra Speedway which was a concrete oval, The TT at Ryde in Sydney and lots more. As an official I have worked at tracks like Oran Park, Amaroo Park where yuppies buy houses close to the track then complain about the noise and the track gets shuts down. Whrere's the heritage listing for these places??? This is why i am trying to find info on these places so they are not forgotten.
    We need more tracks for rider/driver training for safer roads.
    Sorry for the rant...Thanks again.
    Kurnell Sanders. P.S. That wasnt me at KFC...funny pic though.
  7. Welcome to NR.
  8. Thanks for the welcome Lazy Libran... I like the quote of beng the anonymous rider shrouded in black unable to peer into your soul through the black visor being no longer specific. Being a passing traveller. Sums up alot I like about motorbikes and not having to fit in with whats popular and what people think is cool. You could be anyone under there and no-one judging you... Anonymous yet still individual, not one of the sheep. (well maybe a black one) Very cool indeed..
    Kurnell Sanders...
  9. I lived up the road from Kurnell in the early sixties when it was sand-dunes, yes. And I remember watching Westmead and The Showground Speedway on TV.

    I was Promotions Officer and Track Announcer at Tralee Speedway in Canberra in the early 80's.

    Check out my marathon thread "the way we were' in the Racing and Motorsport forum here for some old pics and some undoubtedly familiar names. (ignore some of the flak there; the main perpetrator has since made his peace with me privately and apologised for his behaviour).

    The Wollongong TT absorbed a lot of effort in its planning.

    Some people still have memories of the race meeting, although they're getting a bit expensive these days http://wollongong.gumtree.com.au/c-...tor-cycle-race-port-kembla-W0QQAdIdZ346550577

    Do you read Old Bikes Australasia, there's heaps of old stuff about the old tracks and riders there.

    Anyway, I may see you out on the road someday; a few of us from a smaller motorcycle forum based here in the 'Gong have coffee and a chat at Litani's on Tuesday night; pop in and say Hi.
  10. Hey Hornet,
    How long since you have been to Kurnell? it would amaze you the changes out there now. The dunes are now one big lake, They are developing the land next to the sewerage treatment plant for new housing estates, factories are springing up all along the drive in and all the old homes on the beach front are being knocked down and turned in glass palaces. It's not the old village it once was.
    I will check out your thread on 'the way we were' and ignore the flak. I checked out the link on gumtree and yes i read Old Bikes and have written to Jim Scaysbrook on occasion.
    It' a good read.
    I will try and pop in to Litani's one tuesday night and say g'day in person.
    Thanks again.

    Kurnell Sanders...