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Howdy riders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Clinto, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone everywhere. Been a while but got some wi fi thingy and good to go! My name is clinto, I'm 44 live in Blackburn Victoria. I own a 2011 cbr1000rr a k6 600 gixxer as track bike and little Yz 125 to play on rainy days. Unfortunately policeman found me checking track bikes brakes out front, after new slick hit paint, told me to get off , he pinched me no helmet no rego over .05. Only went 20meters only doin 20kmh. Stupid eh. 9.5 month to go. Anyways, hope you all well and hope I got this in the right place this time. Have fun and watch out for plod.

  2. welcome clint. looks like he got you big time
  3. Yes he did huge bloke with pretty little one with him. She was cool and thought I hurt myself enough, gave big prick funny look when he said I was going with them to station. Broke 3 rib, knocked out for bout10 and biggest hematoma thingy on hip but all good now. Just miss riding:cry:
  4. Yeah, I have no tolerance for DUI ... but I think he could have just told you off and left it at that. Sounds like he was showing off in front of the girl to me. Glad you healed up ok and welcome. :)
  5. I don't drink and ride as such spent 4 hrs putting bike together after work managed about 4 beers. Didn't even think..was gunna be back in 30 sec. Oh well .....