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Howdy peoples

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rockjob, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. I've made a few posts but thought I should say hi here.

    I'm James and I live in north rocks.

    About me:
    3rd year Electrical engineering student at UTS.
    I love computer gaming. Regular attendee of fragfest lans at st marys-penrith (http://www.fragfest.com.au)
    Yellow belt in Hapkido (look out!!)
    Proud owner of a 1994 Kawasaki GPX250R
    Not so pround owner of a 1990 nissan puslar vector. (square heap of junk)

    Picked my (unregoed) bike up from a wreakers for $1160 and spent $55 on parts.
    Already had one proper stack. (I respect the bike now :grin: )

    Looking forward to next weekend for the ride out from richmond.
  2. Welcome to the world of NR.. :grin:
  3. Welcome, James

    No more proper stacks, ok? If you must, only harmless learning stacks allowed! Hope you weren't injured from the proper one?
  4. My proper stack happened at the top of my street.
    Annoyingly enough I just had a 45min ride home from work in liverpool.
    It had been raining earlier so the road was still wet.

    I was hooning a bit and came up too fast to a blind T intersection. There was a car and I was already slightly leaned over to the right take the corner, I grabbed the front brake and the front wheel slid out to the left.
    I went over the right of the bike and landed on my right shoulder and knee.
    Smashed my front right indicator and my pride.

    If you look at a gpx250 you can see that the front indicators stick out so damm far. The bike goes over, they are the first to break.

    All is good now though.
  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of Netrider. Plenty of Sydney rides and social events available these days, take your pick.