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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by drum-star, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Hello,
    Got my learners last week and just got my bike on Sat.
    Virago '93, great bike, was hoping to get an intruder or eliminator, but I think this is going to be good bike to get some skills on and it is plenty fast for me.
    Rode it back from Lilydale to Langwarrin, first time on open road, no problems. Keen to hook up with any other new riders (L's, P's) on weekends for a cruise. I know there is an event type section, is anyone having a regular weekend L’s-ish cruiser-cruise?
    I live at Langwarrin, near Frankston so if there is anyone close by that is interested in riding or knows of a suitable ride, please let me know…….
    I will look through the rides section also…..most seem to be night coffee rides and other rides that might not be suitable for first timers though.

  2. Welcome.

    Best bet, chose a meeting spot, a lunch spot, a finish spot, pick a day/date post the ride up, they will all come running.

    Don't be shy, the majority don't bite.
  3. Thanks Vic, I'm going to go on the Anzac Day ride from Five Ways.
    Should be great....and good support for a fellow netrider...if I read the post's correct.
  4. Welcome drum-star Im a virago rider too.Fantastic bike to get your sea legs (bum) on I look forward to seeing you at the rally on Anzac day.
  5. a chick! on a virago! that wasn't my guess.
    Welcome to NR Daniel, see ya on wednesday.

  6. welcome to netrider....i too ride a virago.....went on a group ride today and i still love my bike......great one to be a newbie on imo....

    have fun.
  7. We'll tell you Wednesday, but come to the Friday's down at Mornington :) No discrimination between learner or p's :) Hell, I don't even have a bike to ride atm :p

    So if you're worried about the ride down, feel free to get in touch and I"ll be happy to follow you down in my car...or bike when I can use it again :)
  8. Hey, thanks for the welcome.
    Went for quite a big ride today, for me anyway, 2nd time on the road.
    See ya on Wednesday.
  9. smartyass :grin: :p
  10. I don't even understand what Scheff is saying, did he guess I was a girl coz I had a virago, I know mostley chicks get these, but hey, you got to start somewhere, I see heaps of blokes on 'em too. I like the Yamaha Roadliner, that will be the sort of bike I will get in a few years or so!
  11. Hey welcome to NR Drum Star, Hope to catch up with you on Wed.
  12. Hi and Welcome

    I too am a newbie to Netrider. I have a Virago waiting for me in my Garage. I am still practising on a GN Suzki 250. Hoping to get on my Virago soon.

    Ride Safe

  13. Hi Drum-star..nice to meet you on Wednesday. :) If you're ever after a riding partner, sing out. Also, if you're ever around the corner and down the highway and over the bridge, drop in for a coffee. :)
  14. thanks.
    Where's this?
    Also, if you're ever around the corner and down the highway and over the bridge, drop in for a coffee.
  15. Phillip Island :LOL:
  16. excellent. will do.