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Howdy.... new netrider.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by XG, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Howdy all,

    Just decided to say hi, my name is Matt .... im 31 and live in Bendigo....
    Ive been riding for the past 7 years now, I currently own a '97 GSXR-600 SRAD... it rocks....

    I went on a ride with a few guys from Melbourne to Blackspur.... man what a ride........ my first on that strip of road...

    Looking forward to going riding with the Melbourne Netriders folk.. shortly..

    I would like to thanks R1_lover for point me too these forums.... thanks julz :)

    XG ~ Matt
  2. Welcome aboard Matt, I haven’t been here long myself but every body’s pretty cool and friendly, and as for the Blackspur haven’t gone in ages but yeah a fantastic bit of road, just take it easy it doesnt leave much room for mistakes up that way
  3. Welcome XG, hope you can make it down for a ride and coffee sometime soon :D
  4. Hey XG, good to see another sport bike rider, haven't been here long myself although not new to bikes.
  5. Welcome to the insane world of Netriders Matt. Hope you enjoy yourself. :)
  6. Another Matt hey.....o well.......Welcome XG!!!!

  7. welcome Matt, thank god your name isnt Jason.

    give it time, you will understand.

  8. welcome dude
  9. Cool, another OCAU.MC convert... j/k :LOL:

    Welcome mate, you'll find alot more Victorians in here than over there.
    Not a bad bunch either...
  10. Matt Hi,

    Bendigo eh... just up the road from me. I'm down at Castlemaine.

    The black spur and the reefton spur are two of my favourite bits of road :)
  11. Heya Matt :D

    Welcome aboard :D And R1_Lover (Julie) rocks IMO

    Lisa :twisted:
  12. Thank's everybody for the warm welcome, its good to be here....

    titania.... ya was almost tempted to do the ride on this sunday... but i think i might be abit stuffed... i gotta start work monday morning pretty early.

    Hi ZRX1200R, ya more like just down the road :)

    Martyh, yeah i know.... i so hate working :) Actually took holidays this week... went over to the grampians aswell.. but what natural beauty of having blackspur so close to melbourne.....

    Jezza, hehe yep.. will always be an OCAUmc lad.. but a change is always good too, from time to time... :)

    Howdy lisa :) good soo see ya bubbly personality here too :) Does ya other half post here aswell?

    THanks again everybody for the warm welcome .. thx heaps..

    Cheers matt
  13. Heya, Nah Chris isn't a member here. I'm the none stop talker in the family :oops: Great to see ya here as well..

    Lisa :twisted:
  14. Hi Matt welcome to the forum!
  15. Hi Matt! Welcome aboard!

    :D :D :D
  16. Welcome Matt, I used to live up around there, around castlemaine/ maryborough areas. If you ever wanna come down for the coffee night I'm often up there visiting my sister so I I may be able to join you for the ride downw here on the Friday ???
  17. Yeah mate sounds good, although uncertain alot of the times if im working friday nights...

  18. I'll let you know when I'm up there next on the bike and we'll see what goes 'eh