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Howdy Netriders!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Haplo8008, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My name is John and I have been lurking around here since June. I decided it is finally time I introduce myself properly and start getting a bit more involved in the forums. Kind of hard without a bike or any practical riding experience, but that will be changing soon...

    I am originally from New Mexico, USA and moved to Sydney two years ago. I went back to visit the US during half of April and all of May. While I was there I had my first ride on a road bike. My stepdad decided to get into motorcycling, and he bought a Ninja 500 while I was there. That was the final nudge to push me from the realm of fantasy to a full blown obsession with motorcycling. I have been saving money for gear and a bike, and I am getting pretty damn close. I am booked in to take the pre-learners course at Botany on the 8-9th of November. I plan to buy my gear before that, and hope to buy a bike as soon after that as possible. My patience is starting to wear thin, but I know it is worth it, and what else can I do.

    In the mean time I have been reading books, RTA literature, and these forums, but they are a poor substitute for the real thing. Soon...

    Oh, and my avatar is just something ridiculous I found after a quick search of google images before anyone asks.


  2. Welcome John :).

    Love the avatar :LOL:.
  3. Welcome aboard John
  4. G'day! There are some good books mentioned around the Forums, if you haven't found them yet.. have a quick search.
  5. Thanks guys, thanks Thera. I was given a copy of Twist of the Wrist years ago, so I have read that. I have also read "How To Ride a Motorcycle" by Pat Hahn and "More Proficient Motorcycling" by David Hough. I need to get a copy of the first book of his. He says in the second one that it is more accessable if you have read the first, but I felt like I had no trouble understanding what he was talking about. It did take me a while to figure out what an edge trap is though. I dont know how much benefit I will gain from any more theory though, I need practical expreience. :?