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Howdy, great to meet you. Car or motorbike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Soozana, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    I'm just about to go off and get my motobike license, however, would like the opinions of others regarding cars and bikes.

    How many of you actually got your car license before bike license? Would you consider any real difference choosing the bike as transport of choice over a car in terms of on road experience?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. welcome :) I had my car licence before hand, the car is more useful, but the bike is more fun except on rainy days :( I would recommend getting the car first :)
  3. I've always thought its better to get a car licence first - and keep it for awhile before looking at a bike.
    The difference is simple - in a car you have a much better chance of surviving your first mistakes (or the mistakes of others) while you learn, without serious, if not fatal injury.

    Road sense (predicting traffic etc) comes with experience, and its saved my bacon more than once.
  4. If you currently dont have any drivers licence. ?

    Do both at the same time. ! you will probably get more road time out of the bike than the car, since you dont need to have an instuctor / other licenced driver.

    i did riders first. i only did car licence to avoid the new stuff they were about to bring in.
  5. I'm only a month or so away from my full bike licence.

    I'm still on my L's for car's.

    Unless you have a family, there is absolutely no reason the average person needs a car for daily transport. A bike can do everything, and is much cheaper and more fun.

    I think safety isn't really an issue. If you know the road rules and use them, you won't ever be at fault at in accident.
    I feelmuch safer when I'm on the bike, as opposed to the car, simply because they are much easier to handle, and a completely natural feeling to control. I would never lose control of a bike.
    On the other hand, cars intimidate me greatly. Whereas a bike feels like an extension of your body, seemless to control, stick me in a car and it's completely unweildy and unnatural.

    I'm not saying the bike is safer. If someone else does something stupid, then I know I'm dead on the bike.
    However, I think I'm much less likely to be in an accident, simply because bikes are easier to ride and control. I could quite easily lose control of a car and crash, whereas the only accident that will happen on a bike would involve unpredictable third parties.
  6. If you don't get a bike you won't be able to ride around with all us cool Netrider folk will you? :cool:
  7. I had a car licence before I got into bikes, but for a couple of years I had only a motorcycle for my transport, and although I am sure a lot of people on this forum will disagree, I will never do that again. I was not enjoying riding my bike every day through Sydney peak hour traffic, rain hail or shine. Most days I was running late and riding like a lunatic to make up time and there was nothing worse than laying in bed hearing thunder and rain pissing down knowing I was riding to work in a couple of hours. In the end I bought myself another car, and now my riding is pure enjoyment. I only ride when I want to, not because I have to. By the way I have only had one motorcycle accident in 15 years of riding, and you guessed it, I was on my way to work. I will always own a motorcycle for fun and occasional transport, and a car for my main transport.
  8. Well said KK

    For me bike licence at 17 - car licence 19 when I got a boat
  9. Got my bike couple of years b4 my first car, same with the licenses. But it was also financially driven as in Singapore cars are pretty damn expensive!
    I love casual driving as well as riding, esp in the countryside but have to say nothing beats the buzz of riding your bike where you become one with it and nature till you just get lost in your own world! :)

    I love my cars too but that never happens with a cage.....
  10. Get the car licence first. It's not just about road rules - being right isn't going to keep you out of hospital. As Mdmx says, you need to develop some road sense, and that's safer in a car. My nephew is on his car L's at the moment, and he's getting the basics right, but he still hasn't learned to look far enough ahead, and he's not particularly aware of his surroundings. These are skills that develop with time on the road. I'd hate to think that he was doing this on a bike for the first time.
  11. :WStupid:
  12. I would have to strongly disagree with that statement. We are all human, and even with the best intentions and attitude to safety, everybody is capable of making a mistake.
  13. Very Bold Statement.

    I had my Car licence for 5 years (including L's P's etc) before my bike. but have been driving/riding since I was 12.

    I seriously agree with the idea of getting the concept of road sense first, but I feel being a rider has made me a more aware driver, but as a learner I would prefer to make my mistakes in a cage than on my bike.
  14. Get your bike licence first. It will make you a much superior car driver and less of a menace to other people on the roads.

    Everyone I know who had a bike licence prior to getting a car licence is a better driver for it.

    The skills, roadcraft and awareness that you require as a road user are better learned on a sub 200kg vehicle where you are the only person likely to be injured, as against a 1000kg+ vehicle which is capable of killing or injuring numerous people at one time.

  15. I don't see the point in this statement. Who cares if it's not your fault! If a cager decides to plough into you then you're always going to come out worse. How is safety not an issue then??!! :shock:

    As to your question, I personally have beend driving for 6 years before I got my lisence. I think if you haven't had experience on a bike before and no experience on the road, then starting with driving a car while you build up your 'road smarts' is a better option.

    Looking at thee previous posts, I think that most people also think this way.
  16. Another statement I don't agree with. It takes more skill to master a bike than a car. Nearly any idiot can jump into an auto and drive on the road.
  17. Hi and welcome.
    I got my car license long ago and only recently got my bike license. I believe having me car license first has made me a lot more aware of what others are like on the road.
    The other thing, i am lucky not to have got my bike license back then, as i remember how much of an idiot is was in the car, and the bike isnt as forgiving.
  18. I got the bike first, then the car licence. Didnt even buy my first car till I had little tackers. Im a decent rider, but my hubby and kids reckon I drive like Nanna, although Ive never had a car accident in my whole life. To be fair, I have spent less time in the car than on the bike. My hubby started riding at 24 and liked having the awareness that comes with driving- reading traffic etc. Thats a very important thing. Understanding how traffic flows and what other drivers are capable of doing. I think its all half a dozen of one, 6 of the other.
  19. I got my car licence first, but I bought a bike a couple of years before I got a car.
  20. Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer my question and giving me your opinions.

    I do have on-road car experience and one of the reasons why I am looking into motorbikes is the car does feel too 'heavy' and big. I like the idea of manouverability of the the bike, the rider positioning, Honda fireblades.... (and scaring the hell outta my mom!! :)

    My main concern for myself is the other cars on the road. As much as i hate driving cars, i know now i have to get the damn car license.

    I'll just spend 6 months doing motorcycle practice rides out at Kilsyth ;) Hmm, or concurrently, as a bike on the road is not as a car on the road and do whatever in the car, then on the bike.

    Once again, thanks for your help.