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Howdy from Wollongong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Grozzo, May 5, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    Been lurking around for a while reading all the great info on this site, especially the tips for new riders thread.

    Started off with a dirt bike after my mates finally talked me into getting one and quickly purchased a WR450 and got my L's. Unfortunately a per-existing injury shut my dirt bike riding down for a long while. So decided to sell the WR and buy a cruiser, decided on the XVS650 and love it, been on it to and from work for nearly 2 weeks and jump on it any time I can on the weekends.

    A fair bit different to get used to from the WR but love it, especially with Hines and Vance exhaust!

    Anyhoos, looking forward to reading and hopefully doing some rides if any are in my area in the future!


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  2. Welcome, plenty of
    Locals in your area.
    I think your pipe is Vance & Hines ;)

    You have a few good roads around there to enjoy too. Keep an eye on the rides section, there are often rides in that area you could join.
  3. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  4. gday GrozzoGrozzo, welcome to NR!

    V&H pipes are the sh1t! if you wanna make some noise I have them on my fattie and I have been known to set off car alarms (accidentally of course :p)- love it!
  5. Howdy mate!

    Welcome to the forum.
  6. If it's been put on back to front it will definitely be louder than normal.

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  7. Welcome mate :cool:
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  8. Thanks guys for the welcome.

    Yep, well I look like a goose and as can been seen, quite a noob lol

    Look forward to getting out there!
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  9. Welcome to NR..

    Awesome bike and awesome pipes...

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  10. welcome aboard :) nice bike :)
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  11. Welcome Wayne, hope to see you out on the roads one day, maybe up at TFRPS (The Famous Robertson Pie Shop)...
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  12. Bien venido GrozzoGrozzo

    Some pretty cool riding down your side of the world and from what I've seen on this site, there's plenty of riders lurking about this forum.

    Stay upright!
  13. Welcome mate from another Wollongongian!
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