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Howdy from Victoria

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Wikky, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Just a quick hello, recently moved to Ballarat from North Central Vic. I've been riding off and on for 20 years, both dirt and road. Sold my bikes a couple of years ago when we started a family and also from a lack of time (as you do). I've been itching to get back riding so it's time to start looking for a bike. I think I'll be sussing out the sports tourers as my back isn't as good as it used to be. My Dad still rides and is terminally ill so I'd love to get out with him and get away on a few rides before he has to give up riding. He lives nearly 4 hours away so comfort is pretty high on my list of requirements. My last bike was an 04 CBR600RR which I mainly used for track days and the occasional jaunt away.
    I'm having a week off work in early Nov to get away and see some sights. I've been reading through the touring threads looking at what others have done and soon I'll start putting together a plan of attack. The idea is to camp where I can to save money. About 10 years ago I went up the Hume and across to the coast then just followed my nose back south along the coast from Bateman's Bay, then back up through Melb, ending up getting whiteline fever and did the whole trip back in one day. That was a big mistake and I was rooted when I got home, from memory it was around 14 hours from the time I left early to the time I rolled in the gate at home. I'll never do that again.

  2. Get the right sort of bike and you could do it easily, but I wouldn't recommend doing it straight after you get back on!!
    Welcome to Netrider, too!!
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  3. Welcome Wikky, Sounds like you need to take the opportunity to ride with your Dad while he can. If he is still up to it then perhaps you can tour together although he may not be up to camping you can get cheap accommodation at country pubs.

    Good luck with the bike hunting.
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  4. Cheers guys. Rides with Dad will mainly be limited to day rides, perhaps an overnight at most. He gets exhausted pretty easily and needs the rest after a few hours. He has a 650 VStrom which loves getting out on but isn't too taxing on him.
  5. Interesting, I was going to suggest a Weestrom for you :) They are a capable bike, upright riding position and have some off road cred as well. In any case when you start looking for bikes Motorcycle Ergonomics will give you an idea of riding position and ergonomics.
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  6. I haven't had a ride of his VStrom yet but very keen to. He loves the riding position as he also has a crook back (broke a vertebrae in his back and one in his neck whilst racing speedway and longtrack many moons ago). I've been doing a fair bit of research on them and they get a bloody good writeup and seem to be a great all rounder. They're on my short list for sure.
  7. G'day and welcome, WikkyWikky. The V-Strom is a versatile bike - notwithstanding their aesthetics :-/ and are on my next bike short list too. Whatever you're riding, I hope you have some great riding days with your father soon.
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