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Howdy from Tassie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zeus, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Just got my full licence and came across this website and thought I would say howdy - what a great site!

    As I don't know anyone locally in the riding community I was wondering if there was anyone out there that might be local here in Tassie wanted to hook up for a ride sometime???

    I have nearly run in my bike so will be able to ride more freely once that is done!

    Best to all,

  2. Welcome to the chaos! :grin:
    Nice boike, the 650GS
    ....where's Tassie?? :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Hey thanks Glitch...Tassie is the south Island, I guess you are on the North Island of Oz :grin:
  4. Smack
    a few others.
  5. ....but only juuuust! (one foot on the ferry so to speak :grin: )
    There's a few twin-heads around here, most notably/ frequently "iffracem" from Snug.
  6. Howdy Zeus.

    (Do they speak English down there, Glitch?)
  7. Dunno.... was told by someone who went overseas that they scribble circles and crosses into the dirt with sticks....
  8. Hey Smee,

    Thanks for the heads up - do you guys ever get together for rides?

  9. Hey Glitch,

    So you're in St Kilda? My wife and I only just moved back to Tassie from Melbourne when our little boy was born (18 months old now). We were in Melb for 6 years. Loved the city - Tasmanians always end up coming back home for some reason - must be the lifestyle!

  10. Hmmm,

    Me thinks we speek Ingrish down heer :grin:
  11. Zeus, welcome to the weird side... Oh. your in Tas, so you already know weird :shock:

    There's a few here who are residents of the south island, the island of the long winding road, the nirvana of riding heaven etc etc etc

    As well as those mentioned before there's Vani's (far) better half Sher, Techno (who's on holidays) and a couple of others who rarely show up these days.

    Smack and I will be in the New Sydney tomorrow round 12:00 ish if you want a light lunch and a chat. PM me for my mobile.

    We try and get a ride in as much as possible, but hard to organise everyone to be in one place. (Tasmanians are a bugger to get organised, probably why I fit in :wink: )

  12. Welcome to the forums, wish I lived in Tassie (you've got all the good roads to yourselves).
  13. Howdy Iffracem,

    Thanks for making contact - I am not far from you in Kingston so would love to hook up - will send you a PM in a sec - Many Thanks!
  14. hey z, a definate welcome hug to u. its great to have another two header in the forum :wink:

    i havnt had my licence for all that long and would definately not pass up a ride if it can be cooridinated

    send me pm if u would like to arrange. definately want to try the channel loop jj spoke of, ive only ever done it in cage so my first free day... :cool:
  15. Hi Zeus, we on the Big Island are just jealous of your beautiful surroundings down there. Great roads! Don't worry though, it will be a while before the Bass Bridge is finished :wink:

  16. NEVER!!!

    It'll get as far as King/Flinders Island but NO FURTHER!!!
    (starts putting money aside for extra large underwater cutting tools)

    If a bridge is built there'll be too many bloody cars coming over :evil:

  17. Damn straight, mine would be one of the first over there (followed the next weekend by the bike, then the car.. and so on).
  18. Hi Sher,

    Thanks for the warm welcome - I am used to the two header title - everyone in Melbourne that I met for the first time was looking for the scar on my neck to see where the second head was removed...One day I will have to look into how that urban legend started - I shudder to think!

    Will send you a PM with contact details - the circuit JJ has suggested sounds good to me too!

    Best Regards,

  19. Hi Haggis,

    Yes the roads are pretty cool - I have been running in the bike on some nice windy roads near my place and around the base of the mountain, great for using all the gears frequently!

    I don't know about that bridge - it has taken quite a while for the electricity cable to get there - so a bridge - hmmmm....