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howdy from SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by beagle, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. hey guys, new to this site and the whole moto thing. loving it though!
    so heres my life story... have always wanted one, im 26 now so figured time to get my ass into gear..

    passed my Ls test last week, have had a 07 drz400sm sitting in the spare room for the last month (much to the missus disgust) been out for about three rides + my learners day and thats pretty well my total ride time.

    picked up the drz with only 5000km on it, has and exhaust and rejetted carb to suit. have put a tail tidy/led indicators and pretty well just plan on learning to ride her. still super slow, like im faster in a cage slow :D haha. but like the concept of keeping her upright.

    plan is to eventually end up with a nice bobber (very different to a tard i know) but thatll come with time and money. may start off playing with a cheaper bob base...

    anyways, enough chin wag from me.
    if ya see a big bastard with a bright lid riding real slow, come up and say gday.
  2. welcome to NR and congrats on the ls and bike
  3. thanks mate, been one of the more fun investments i made :)
  4. G'day beagle.
    Just got mine on Tuesday at Oaklands - but still waiting on my Hornet 250 to arrive from Perth.
    Which part of Adelaide are u from?
  5. Welcome to NR Glekicki, nice to meet you mate.
  6. down south mate, welcome fellow new kid :)