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Howdy from QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Netrosis, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hello Netrider's!

    I'm a very computer literate fellow and I'm admin to a moderately popular website and I'm very familiar with how forums work so you shouldn't expect any bad behaviour or rule breaking on my behalf. I'm also a web designer, web developer and a digital artist so if you want help in that regard feel free to message me, as it really isn't a hassle.

    About Me:
    I'm in my early 20s and I'm from Ipswich, Queensland and yes I'm unemployed. I'm sure that many already have stereotypes of a bogan in their head but I can assure you that I'm nothing like them!

    Back in 2008 I was applying as a pilot to the Air Force, on my way into the city I had suffered a brutal panic attack. Unfortunately I didn't know what a panic attack was and just felt absolutely horrible at the time, but I pushed on and while I passed the exam, I wasn't accepted due to medical reasons (my eyesight).

    Anyway since then I have been battling with Agoraphobia and a Social Phobia, and so life has progressed quite slowly. As I've been on all kinds of medication and seen all sorts of doctors and the******s and in the last 6 months I've started to be able to come out of my shell so to speak.

    So yeah I've been setting goals to meet and well, my next one is to finish getting my Motorbike licence and to get a bike to ride around on.
    Last week I went in and got my learners and now I need to go through a Q-Ride course and once I'm competent I can ride around on my own.

    I also have to say thanks to Blinkcab on Youtube:

    His videos have been great and have made me more confident in my decision to ride.

    Newbie Questions:

    How much should I spend on my first bike? Is a 2nd hand bike like a 2000+ Kawasaki ZZR-250 for $3000-$4000, a good idea?
    If I were to get a brand new Ninja it would probably take me another 3-4 months to save up for. The guy at the motorbike store told me it was $8000-8500 drive away price for a 2011 Ninja 250r, but the insurance is also about $1950 a year *gasp*.

    Also in regards to the Q-Ride course, what riding equipment should I supply myself?I'd like to grab some above ankle leather boots for support (so I don't twist my ankles), is there any suggestions for good places to buy them from?

    Should I grab my own helmet that I know fits well and is comfortable before I go? I tried an RJay's Striker and it fit nicely, but I don't know much about how a helmet should feel when on, but it didn't wobble.

    Also, I wear glasses, and I know that it is less than ideal when riding because they fog up easy. I've put in an appointment for getting contact lenses fitted, but if there are any other people who wear glasses, is there any advice about this?
    I've considered grabbing some goggles or something with an elastic strap but I'm not sure how they are under a full face helmet.

    Apologies for the huge intro.
  2. Netrosis,

    Firstly, your intro has to be the best I've read to date (y)
    Thank you for introducing yourself to us all. Hope you're feeling better as the days go by but before I digress too much, a BIG welcome to you !
    You'll learn heaps about your new chosen hobby herein and by using the 'Search' function on the top of the page, all your questions will be answered !
    Enjoy the forums buddy...welcome aboard :)
  3. avoid the striker bucket. i have one and with regular use the padding comresses and it comes loose (3 months daily use for me and it was shagged) strikerII may be different but i doubt it
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    Hey Netrosis,

    Hooray, I'm not the only ipswichian anymore! Welcome aboard. This is a brilliant place to really get your head around the art of riding. Make sure you check out the New Riders section, especially the Cornering 101 onwards once you get the licence.

    I think from memory I spent about 5k on the first bike, a GS500. Do your research, buy privately not from a dealer, and you should walk away with a pretty good first bike.

    As far as helmets go, they should generally be a firm fit, but not painful. If you liked the Striker, try sitting in the store with it on for 20 mins and see if it still feels 'right'.

    Happy to go for a ride once I'm back on the bike - still recovering from a knee reconstruction.


  5. Try on as many helmets as you can, every ones head is differant. They should be firm , with out pain, once done up shouldnt wiggle. Q ride can be done in sneakers, but calf high boots provide a little more protection for your ankle.

    As per first bike depends what you like, fairing, naked.

    The gs500 is pretty popular, as it isnt too tamed by lams standards. I did my time on a vtr 250, was a great bike, and cheaper on insurance.
  6. pobblebonk's from ippy too
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    Ah that's right. I keep forgetting that for some reason.

  8. Well, that's certainly one of the more interesting intros on NR. Welcome :).

    As for bikes a second hand ZZR250 is certainly a good option if you can find one that's in good condition for a reasonable price. In some respects the older designs are better since they were made in a time when bikes were meant to be practical - rather than just shiny. Buying 2nd hand not only saves money upfront, but also means you're not locked into paying large sums of money for servicing (it's pretty easy to learn how to do basic servicing of a ZZR yourself).

    With helmets the Rjays stuff is okay, but certainly at the lower end of the spectrum. If their brand fits then you might also want to try looking at Nolan as a middle-range option, or Shoei as a top-of-the-range. In terms of fit a new helmet should feel slightly too tight especially around the cheeks, as the padding will compress slightly over time. Best way to check is to get someone else to try tilting/rotating the helmet whilst your wearing it. If your head moves with it then it's probably a good fit.
  9. Welcome netrosis :)

    With regards to wearing glasses while riding, I have worn my glasses occasionally while riding and fogging up generally hasn't been an issue.

    In fact the only time I had visibility issues was when I wore glasses with my visor up and I rode through actual fog - the lenses ended up coated with a fine mist of water - not great for visibility!! But if your visor is down and you're in motion, your glasses should be fine.

    All the best with your recovery - you've set yourself a great goal, and once you're up and riding I promise you, life will never be the same :)

  10. I wear an Rjays helmet (tourtech) and my glasses don't fog up. I have ridden in heavy rain but not fog.

    That centre vent in the Rjays directs air up and over the visor-inside (maybe all helmets do this, idunno) like the demisters in a car. Seems to keep the glasses fog free.
  11. obviously you're married......
    that's one good thing about mine, when the breath guard was in it wouldn't fog up (vents permanently open)
  12. As much as you want to. Anyone who gives you an exact number is selling you something.

    I don't know much about the ZZR-250, but I bought a new 2011 Ninja 250R for $7000 ride-away (talked them down, bought a load of gear from them too). Big one is talk someone down as much as you can, take that price elsewhere and get them to beat it. Rinse, repeat, get the best you can and then try and crack a deal on your gear, because you're gunna buy a bike. If they want the sale (read: they want the sale) they'll be willing to work with you to a limit. Drop the name of their biggest competitor. Odds are if you have a good experience buying the bike, you're more likely to come back to their store for servicing, new gear, accessories etc. It means big dollars in the long run for them to sell you a bike, salesmen know this. If they aren't willing to work with you, go elsewhere, someone else will be.

    Insurance is about right, I'm paying $2000 comprehensive for it. Try and have the cash for it, QBE will let you pay it outright, or over 12 months with about $35 fee per month. Still, better than not getting insurance, and somehow ending up in a ferrari-lamborghini-aston-kawasaki pileup, that's your fault. Make sure it covers your gear as well.

    First service should be around $100-200, depending on the bike, the place, etc.

    Of course, this is my experience, YMMV.

    Do the soul searching, will you be happy with a second hand bike, or do you want a new one? Are you planning on upgrading soon, or in a few years? You've mentioned a new ninja, so clearly it's been on your mind...
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    Lol. Actually not until May, but close. Not sure I follow the thought process though...

    /thread hijack

  14. Nice intro and a cool nick - netrosis, I like that.

    Riding should help to overcome both agoraphobia and social phobia. Well, in my case I'm personally getting about more and meeting heaps of new people. If it helps, maybe a good idea to tell those the*******s about it.
  15. Welcome to Netrider, and hopefully riding and the associated disciplines may flow over into a safer state of mind for you; those of us who don't suffer can sympathise, but never understand, I'm sure.

    Ask away; I'll leave the details to other posters because I bought my bike (unrestricted) and most of my gear 6 years ago and know not much about the current market (y).