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Howdy from Nunawading, Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dammian, May 5, 2014.

  1. Just got my Ls and a new black Benelli BN600S to get me started. I'm commuting along the Eastern Freeway somewhere between 7:30am and 9am - black RST Titaniums and a white Helmet. Trying to not make too many mistakes and maintain some riding manners. Of course, when not earning my new ride, I'm riding as much as I can!
    I'm already impressed by the number of riders I have encountered who are actively looking out for their peers. Had a break-down today and I had 3 riders (I only saw 4) stop to check that all was ok. Thanks to Mr Harley and others, whoever you are.

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  2. Welcome!

    Not good that you just got your new black Benelli and had a breakdown today, hopefully nothing major.

    I'm sure we will see you at Saturday Practise or on a ride some time soon.
  3. The Benelli probably realised that it hadn't had its cappuccino and croissant for breakfast, and a double espresso ten minutes later as a heart-starter. No wonder it had run out of puff!

    Welcome to Nutrider! :wacky:
  4. Welcome to NR.. ;)
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  5. Chillidog: the bolt that attaches the gear shifter lever to the gear box had come loose. Annoying but the warranty support and included roadside assist worked a treat.
    Danny_tb: it 'n me both! Though I am trying to cut back on the croissants :p
    Thanks for the welcome.
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  6. welcome aboard mate:]
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  7. Welcome,
    great to see that the brotherhood is working well. Great job guys.

    Shame that a new bike has issues so soon in its life. That's half the reason I started out on a new bike to hopefully not encounter someone's problems while I was still getting used to how everything should work.

    Hope this is a small isolated fail and you have many many happy rides ahead.
  8. Hi,

    Reckon I have seen you a few times on Hoddle Street, I am on the White Apriilia Shiver, black jackets white,red and black Lid.

    I am also in Nunawading so give me a yell if you need a hand.

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. Stever42: That was my reasoning also...these things happen I guess. Otherwise it's holding up. done 900km so far. It's a great ride other than that tiny issue.
    Jem: Can you make the weather any better? :p Pretty bloody terrible of late. And the Eastern is routinely a parking lot. Only a couple of good runs, the rest have been crawls. Anybody out east tried Whitehorse Rd or some other way in? ..and off-topic I go :p
  10. if you come on any rides bring your girlfriend and send me a pm so I don't miss out
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  11. Welcome :)
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  12. Hi, cannot do anything about the weather sorry, are you up for splitting as yet ?

    I do at a sedate pace, IE If the traffic is under 50 km I will split at about 5 km over what the traffic is doing, over 50 km and I merge back in and go with the flow.

    Do you know that you are are allowed to use the last 100 meters of the bus lane at Hoddle Street at the end and go on the B light ?

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. 14 months till I'm off Ls. She's looking forward to coming along :)
  14. Today's weather and run in and out was great.
    I'm splitting depending on conditions, area, etc. Less in the wet and where lots of paint and cats eyes. Only when traffic is stopped or slow and consistent.
    I haven't taken Hoddle yet - been doing Alexandra Pde. U reckon Hoddle then Victoria over Alexandra?
  15. take it easy mate you will soon get the hang of it
  16. Hi,

    Sounds like you are approaching it the right way.

    Cannot comment about the Hoddle v's Alexandra as I actually go all the way down Hoddle to South Yarra - give it a go on a fine morning and see what you think. There is a bit of nonsense with cars doing silly things to get into the turning lanes at Victoria to watch for.