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Howdy from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by zol, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Heya, just purchased a Vstrom and I'm ready to ride again, if only the weather was a little better.

  2. The weathers fine!! ;)
    Welcome to NR.
  3. Welcome mate :) which part of melbourne you from? And today's weather is looking good so far!
  4. Cheers. I know! was eyeing today as it's suppose to be 18, I haven't ridden to work in a while so am a little hesitant in tackling the traffic plus having the new bike haha.

    Thanks mate. Yes, I was cursing all the way to work in my cage.. I live in Greensborough, work in Fitzroy.

    *also waiting for my new jeans to arrive, old Hornee's are 3 sizes too big!
  5. Lo Bloke
  6. Ahh I know how you feel, I live in Carrum Downs and work in abbotsford, the drive in was incredibly mind numbing!
  7. Welcome to NR! (y)

    ...and what's weather got to do with riding??? :D

    Having said that, if you haven't ridden in a while, it's better to get some practise before tackling a new bike, new gear & the weather in one go.

    Come on down to the St Kilda Practise session if/when you can. It's open for newbies, experienced and returning riders!
  8. Hi zol, welcome to NR.

    +1 re: the Saturday practice sessions at St. Kilda.
  9. hehe then to top it off driving out was more of a bummer as there was a nice sunset! Bugger it, I'm riding tomorrow.

    I guess it's the comfort thing, breaking away from the cage, I have warm weather gear now thanks to Aldi, hah, and also wet weather, I just need a top box to put in my stuff, still deciding if I should get the Givi Trekker 46 but I was told that handling of the bike could suffer, I wouldn't be going over 10kg (incl box) anyway.

    As for St Kilda, this yeah [VIC] 10am Saturday Learner/New Rider Basic skills practice sessions? Sounds good, I have been riding for a while but it was only an XR 250 with Michel Siracs so I never got comfortable with cornering, also I was unable to go long distances much due to it being uncomfortable, believe it or not, I've ridden to Port Sea and back and it's hard! I sold the bike last year. Never ridden much during winter.

    Cheers! Sounds great! Might even pop past earlier for a coffee at DJ's!
  10. Hello from another newbie! I grew up in Greensborough, but now live out west.
  11. What she said :D

    Welcome......ride it......
  12. Certainly did today, as soon as I rode out the building, it rained, hailed and thundered! was a challenge and fun, I just need weather proof boots!
  13. Welcome :) and im with you nice weather nice ride.