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Howdy from Central Coast, NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by w00dsy, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Thought i should say Hey, I have only had my L's for around a month and have got a 1983 Suzuki GSX 250 S as my first bike. I love riding it and am getting more confident on it every time i take it out. She needs a paint job and afew other things tidied up but i think its a perfect first bike.


    I have already done the Old Pacific Highway from the Central Coast to Hornsby in the rain which was fantastic. I plan on riding it everyday when i get my new job and will hopefully love every minute of it.

    Hope to see some of you out and about!


  2. G'day mate and welcome!

    Ripper looking bike!

    Fun Ha!
  3. Welcome, Josh. Many of us started out on twins of some sort :).
  4. Welcome in Josh. Paul, many of us are still on twins of some sort :LOL:
  5. Thanks for the Warm welcome, I plan on stepping up to an 1100 Katana eventually. I grew up on the back of one and they give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  6. Welcome Josh. Nice to see some more guys from the coast here. I've just started riding everyday to work and having a ball (apart from a little drop I had today :( but that's another story for another thread).

    I like the look of your bike, hope to see you around. Why not come out with us on Saturday?

  7. welcome in Josh :)
  8. gday josh nice bike
  9. Welcome Josh. I love riding twins!!8-[
  10. HiDee HoDee & Welcome Josh!
    I'm not too sure but I have a funny feeling that I've seen your bike around recently... hmmm lol
  11. Hi Josh and welcome to Netrider. Congrats on your recent L's and have fun with your sporty looking Suz :)
  12. Nice. That old pacific highway looks awesome. Once I have the confidence i'm gonna take it on too. Wouldn't have to go up the F3 at 80km/h either :p
  13. Hi and welcome.
  14. Yeah the freeway on my L's is a no, not that i dont feel confident enough but people struggle to see a Learner driving a car let alone a Motorcycle doing 80. I rode to Newcastle Yesterday out through Doyalson & Swansea it was a long ride and i believe my hands are still frozen to the handlebars.. lol

    I have fitted a Gear Rack to it, and although they are ugly i need it so i dont have an option.

    BRMMM: I do plan on getting out for a ride with some of the Coasties but unfortunately i cant make it this Saturday.

    I need to find afew parts for it to make to make it abit cleaner, it has a speedo from another Suzuki in it which doesn't match the tacho and i'm not to sure how accurate it is so i'm on the lookout for a factory speedo for it or maybe an upgrade to something completely different in gauges.

    From the Factory the bike had a bikini fairing which i am finding hard to get as well. But all in good time.
  15. Welcome mate, nice to see other another rider on the coast.
    I've just moved to Terrigal a few months back and looking at getting out there more with other riders around the coast.
  16. What are you riding Marts? I'll keep an eye out for you. I'm on a yellow CB400 with a matching L plate. Easy to spot around here due to my (lack of) speed.

  17. Sounds like me John, but i find every time i go for a ride i get more and more confident on it, not to the stage where i am an idiot on it though.

    I will get afew bugs worked out of the 250 and i will def be up for a ride. It had some carb issues yesterday and i need to get them sorted before i head out on a good ride again.
  18. Lol john, i'm on a RGV250, in lucky strike colours. The bike is fairly bright in colours, so pretty noticeable.
  19. Carby came apart today and i got a bit of crap out of it, reset the floats to the workshop manual specs and now it misses horribly under load. Have had it apart twice and cant really be bothered doing it again today.

    I have been told by Suzuki that u can't actually buy a Carby kit for them that every part has to be bought individually!!

    Any ideas? I have run out of them.
  20. Rule of thumb is that if you've changed something, and it doesn't work now, change it back or figure out where the change went wrong.

    Just out of curiousity, how did you check your float heights?
    Made sure all the vaccumm hoses are connected properly?
    Are there any tears in the diaphrams?

    I know a fair bit about setting up carburettors and such, bring it over my place sometime and I'll take a look at it for you if you want.