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Howdy from Brissy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fenno, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Gday all

    My name is Steve most just call me Fenno. I am currently riding a hyosung gt250r two-tone red/black. It's my first bike i have had it since october last year.

    I am located at springfield lakes and work for the RAAF.



    P.s hope to be on a cbr 600 or a gsxr 600 next year.
  2. howdy yaself, fenno :LOL:

    welcome to Netrider, ignore the Hyosung-bashers, they're just jealous..
  3. Hey Fenno! I'm in exactly the same situation, except i've got a GS500! :) Got my bike first week of Nov last year and the next 10 months is looking like a massive drag! CBR600RR and the GSXR600 are both firmly on my list :)
  4. HI Fenno, Im from Brisbane too, welcome!
  5. Hi Fenno,


    as for the 250, you have to start somewhere, i say as long as your riding. its a bonus..
  6. Hi all,
    Just joined about a week ago,look forward to getting out and tagging along on any rides you lads have plannedif there is room.
    Keep shiny side up,
  7. Thanks for the friendly welcome peoples! Hope to meet some faces soon and get to know everyone!

    Ride Safe, Stay upright


  8. Hi Fenno,
    I'm another Brisbane 'rookie'. Picked up bike and licence late last year. 2000 VTR250.
    I have to share the bike with my wife though, she picked her licence up at the same time.

    Looking forward to a Netrider run, once I'm a little more confident.
  9. Why not come out this sunday? A good way to get confidence is more riding.
  10. Very true Fenno, but I think I need a few more Kms under my belt. I'm lucky if I have 250km on the bike yet. I'd be too slow for even the most patient of TECs. I'm aiming to go on the next Kilcoy run though. Start and finish points are very close to my suburb.
  11. welcome in mate :) i once bashed a hyo ;)
  12. Hey

    Welcome newbee, long time no see :)

    Great ride on Sunday, hopefully will see you on the road again.

    Ever wanta go for a ride again, send me a PM
  13. Thanks, Sounds good. Will have to do something more often... even if its a short ride for coffee or hot choc for me lol (dont like coffee) and back.

    Add me on facebook easier to organise stuff then.

    Stephen Fenton
  14. well, if you want a short run , just , throw a small post up when you want o go for a ride , for example going up the hill to the tea house and back be there sunday round 8ish , at bp
  15. I like how all these qld'ers are signing up :) Welcome!

    Don't mind the Victorians, they're just bitter at us for our year 'round riding weather.
  16. afternoon good to see more Brisvegas riders myself im from the heart of Brisbane