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Howdy From Brissie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by STV333, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. G'Day Folks.

    I used to ride a few years ago, but due to extended travel (and not having a bike) have been out of th esaddle for quite a few years..

    My other half is doing her Q-Ride at the moment and we are looking for a LAMS bike to share.. I've done a bit of research and the Kwaka VN250 Eliminator seems to be at the top of my list... As they pulled the pin on them a few years ago, does anyone have any reliability issues with theirs?

    Also looking to join in on a few rides/gatherings when they're in the area!

    Cheers - and i'll see you on the road..

  2. Gday and welcome

    I can't comment on the little Eliminator specifically, but there isn't much between the little japanese cruisers. For a second hand learner, the condition and service history of the bike you're looking at is a better indicator of reliability that whether it says Kwaka or Yammy on the tank.

    Sure you want to share a bike? Plenty of cheap LAMS bikes about and It's more fun if you can ride together...
  3. Howdy and welcome to the forum

    Sure you want a 250?? Me and the other half are also 'sharing' the KTM Duke 390. Plan is for me to upgrade once off the dreaded P's in a few months and the Duke is small but big enough to be able to keep up and tour with most others.

    I found that other riders on 250's work much harder to keep up in group rides.

    Anyway, my 2c worth. Ignore if you're happy.
  4. Howdy, Welcome to the forum!