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Howdy from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Huthy, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys (and Girls),

    I have been floating around the forum for a few weeks now, have made a post here and there, but thought a proper introduction would be the right thing to do..(seen a few reminders to other forum members... and thought I better do the right thing... :grin:)

    I live in sunny Brisbane and after a LOOOOOONG break, am back on two wheels. Recently picked up a 2001 Yamaha FZ1, which I absolutley love, and I get seperation anxiety everytime we are apart.... well so my wife says.

    Have been commuting to work every day since I picked it up and the cobwebs are finally blowing away. Am booked into a Stay Upright Advanced 1 course (to further help the confidence) on 4 May 2008, and Tiger Angel assure me I will have my new suit in time (ordered it about a week ago).

    For me the Fazer provides a brilliant crossover between sports / commuter and tourer, and the small fairing and screen stop the wind just nicely. Recently put an MRA Vario Touring screen on, and the turbulance is all but gone. The 46 litre GIVI top box fits my laptop bag beautifully, so all in all, it's a great package for me, with more than enough grunt. There is no mistaking it's R1 motor heritage.

    Anyhow, hope to meet some of the other Brissie Bodies in the not too distant future, and look forward to further participation in the netrider forums.


  2. Welcome Aboard Chris !!!!!
  3. Welcome Chris

    Sounds like you've got your life back together after a LOOOOOONG period of searching. Just remember, you don't find motorbikes parked outside a psychiatrist's office.

    How is your wife coping with your separation?
  4. When I first got back on the bike, people asked "What does your wife think?" I told them she is "Accepting" but not necessarily "Happy".

    I think she is slowly softening though.

    I haven't ridden since our first lad was born... which is 12 years, and everytime we spoken about getting another bike, we seemed to have another baby on the way. My youngest of 3 is now 8... and I am back on the bike!!
  5. Nice! Good to hear :) Welcome :grin:
  6. Howdy from Ipswich!!! :grin:

    Welcome, hope to catch you on a ride soon!