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Howdy from another newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ness_, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. I guess I should pop in and say hello and warn everyone that I may be asking some incredibly stupid newbie questions in the coming weeks and months! :)

    On a recent holiday overseas, my godfather took me for a passenger ride on his bike (a Firestorm I think?) and I looooooooved it! I decided there and then I had to do that again, but not as a passenger :)

    So I've just bitten the bullet and purchased a Honda CB400 (which I take delivery of tomorrow), gotten my L's, and I've signed up for a 2-day Q-Ride course this weekend. Fingers crossed I learn enough on Sat to pass the assessment on Sun, and then I can start my actual learning!

    In time, it would be wonderful to meet some local riders in BrisVegas to hang out with, but until I'm ready for that I'm just going to sit back and absorb a lot.


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  2. Hello and welcome :)
    A Firestorm is a pretty cool machine to have your first taste of motorcycling on.
    There are lots of people on here that have and like the CB400.
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  3. Welcome to NR ! Enjoy .
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  4. Yes indeed, welcome to Netrider, and to the intoxication of two-wheeling

    There are no incredibly stupid newbie questions, just questions for which you don't know the answer, even if the rest of us do. Ask away!
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  5. Howdy, is good bike ya ?
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  6. Welcome!
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  7. Hey Ness, enjoy.
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  8. Hi and welcome, make sure you look at the stickies and use the search before you ask any "stupid questions " :)
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  9. Welcome to the forums Ness :) There is no such thing as a stupid question here :)
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  10. only stupid answers
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  11. and there's plenty of them
  12. welcome Ness, enjoy, read , absorb and ask!!
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  13. Thanks everyone :) I'm sooooooo excited for my course on Saturday!

    I officially take delivery of my bike in about an hour, they're trucking it to me as I don't know how to ride it home yet hahaha. Just popped up to the bike shop and picked up all my gear, waiting on my jacket to come in tomorrow they didn't have a small in stock, but it looks like I will be all sorted for my gear in time for my course.

    I've been invited on a group ride in January, we'll see how comfortable I am on the bike in a few week's time. Daily practice!
  14. Good on ya, take it easy, the CB400 has plenty of grunt for a newbie bike but it wont throw you off the back at least :)
  15. so yo uhavent ridden before, so best to have someone with you to help you start off, go easy and slowly. group ride? I dunno , for someone never ridden before
  16. Like I said, I'll see how I feel on the bike in a few weeks time. It's very probable I'll say "thanks but no thanks, not just yet", and I am absolutely happy enough to say that to him, I won't be doing anything I don't feel comfortable with.

    First goal : enjoy my course and learn lots this weekend
  17. I'd go as pillion, experience the 'group' ride as a pillion, ask questions, talk to other riders, you wont be at a loss by going as a pillion, we're all still learning
  18. That's something I'd never even considered, thanks so much for the idea!
  19. Would a be a good experience for you, you get to take in alot more then maybe ride with them as a first timer, ask about and watch the rider you're with when it comes to keeping distances etc.