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Howdy from a Dark 1

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dark 1, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Just thought i'd say g'day. Don't actually own a bike currently but am looking at a commuter bike very soon.

  2. So what sort of bikes are you considering?

    Oh, and welcome :)
  3. Hello dark1... you sound mysterious... welcome to NR

  4. I was thinking the same thing. Wonder if hes hot 8-[

    Welcome to NR
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  5. Lol girls

    Welcome bloke
  6. I wonder if he'll put up pics.. we need pics!!!

  7. I'm sensing a crisis influence .

    Welcome to NR.
  8. Good point... I forgot to ask... How lazy of me :p
  9. tisk tisk chicka .. we gotta stay on the ball here :rofl:

    maybe we should stop - don't want to scare him away....
  10. Only ride photos i can put up are of my push bike. No mystery here, the "dark" handle comes from an old business i had selling led lights [Dark enterprises].

    I'm looking at a light weight commuter style bike up to 250cc. Something like a sachs x-road, cb 125, madass 125, vtr 250 that sort of thing.
  11. Push bike? So you wear Lycra?

    So... Are you hot? :p
  12. The madass is a good commuter bike, fun to ride and economical.. I get about 250kms on 5l (y)

    I am looking into a bigger bike for the long weekend runs though...

    Almost forgot.. Did I see lycra mentioned?? :p
  13. Definately NO LYCRA. Thanx for the review of the madass.
  14. Do you use 3 socks
  15. OMG that is giggleworthy ...
  16. Jesus girls, you make the men here seem tame, although I guess you have some catching up to do on being stalky.

    Welcome dark
  17. Bulldust :rofl: you blokes are way worse then us! I'm forever amazed that we don't see 'whats your sign hot momma' or 'give us your measurements love' ahaha.. What a crack up...
  18. Give us your measurements? Are you implying that we're all secretly tailors? =D

    Welcome dark
  19. Maybe.... Specially when that includes measuring the inseam...:p
  20. I'm AWOL up in qld for the moment buying a ute...glad to see people are doin g the work for me in my absence
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