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Howdy and all that jazz

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GavinB, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. I have just noticed that although I have been involved in a few forums and have been lurking around for a little while... I haven;t gotten around to say Hi.


    I used to ride about 13 years ago.
    Sold it when I was going away on a lengthy trip (with the navy).
    And just never managed to replace it.

    A co-worker recently bought a brand new CBR125R for his wife, but she has subsequently decided that THAT particular bike is not for her.

    It was offered to me on the never-never plan... so I jumped at the chance to be two-wheeled again.
    It has a massive 247 Kms on the odometer, 30 of which was the ride over to my place!

    Sure, I'd love a larger bike....But you have, what you have....

    Now I have to go and organise a new permit / licence since the old one expired a million years ago...

    Hope to catch up soon at a local coffee night and the mystery ride too.

  2. about time you introduced yourself ya slack prick :p

    Let me know when we can go for a ride :)
  3. Hi and welcome!

    Sorry to hear about the bike...... :p :p :LOL: Just joking, please don't hurt me :shock:

    Stay safe!
  4. Yeah I heard that if I drop down a mine shaft it MIGHT actually make it to the bottom. :grin: :cool:
  5. Hi and welcome to NR

    AUS-ESP said:
    Gee if that's the sort of response you get for a late introduction, I am definitely not ever getting around to introducing myself. :LOL:
  6. LMFAO...

    Helps I know him outside of netrider & told him about this place (dont hold that against me though)
  7. You just can't pick your friends....

    Oh wait yes you can!!! :grin:
  8. Welcome Aboard Gavin !
  9. Thanks Vinnie...
    Pleasure to be here!
    Quite a few from the surrounding area on here too!
  10. Shame you live in Victoria (welcome, by the way) because if you were in NSW you could do three months on Ls and then go straight to an unrestricted bike :).