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Howdy all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by FBU, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I just joined the forum and thought i'd holla at you all.

    I got my L's about 2 weeks ago and bought a 95 model ZZR-250 2 days ago. Looking forward to riding fairly often and picking up some good skills/techniques.

    Anyhow, ill see you all around.
  2. hi and welcome to NR
  3. Welcome FBU !
    Nice first bike

  4. Welcome :)

    Since you're a noob rider, I'd like to strongly recommend that you read the "odds" link in my sig... just to help you focus your riding standards. :)

    By the way, what does FBU stand for?? :-k ...I can think of some cheeky things... :grin:
  5. Thanks, it was between that and a Suzuki Across. I couldnt find an across that I liked (condition/price) and a friend suggested the ZZR. Had a look at them and liked them right away.

    I must say, (not that I have experiance or anything) comparing to the bike I did my L's course on, the ZZR is awesome.
  6. Thats an 'odd' thing to say :p
  7. Those are some big numbers !!!!.

    My intention is to go out to a carpark every weekend and spend a couple hours working various skills. I think getting the basics right will help in NOT becoming one of the statistics. In a couple of months i'll probably do some sort of basic riding skills course (if they exist) to make sure I am on track.
  8. where in sydney are you? I'm up on the Northern beaches.
    I have the same year/model bike and am also on my L's (hopefully only a few more days) perhaps we can do some rides?

  9. Im in the south west, out liverpool way. Id be happy to go on rides, however prefer to wait a while and get some experiance before I ride in groups.

    Good luck with your P's test :)
  10. Welcome to the fraternity! Lots of us noobs here :)

    And thanks for the link robsalvv.
  11. Welcome Mate