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Howdy All, (From Sth Gippy)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by The Toad, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hi All

    I’m Daniel, and have been lurking here for a little while and figured it was time I said hello.

    Short version of a long story, due to a combination of work injury and general life getting in the way I’ve been off bikes for the last 15+ years, prior to that spent a lot of time in the dirt. The last couple of years the itch has been real bad and I’ve been on the lookout for the right ride.

    Finally in January I came across a 99 VFR 800 that was the right price and screamed my name and I could stand it no more and buckled to the pressure, buying the bike and loving every minute since.

    Living in Lang Lang I have access to some fantastic roads out here and have spent as much time as I can exploring as many of the roads as I can and revelling in all that I’ve been missing out on for all those years without a bike.

    I look forward to meeting new faces and tagging along on some of the rides out this way.

    Cheers Daniel
  2. weclome to NR, vffers are a nice bike, enjoy :)
  3. Welcome back to riding and welcome to NR. (y)
  4. Welcome to NR and good to see you back on the bike... Enjoy the ride...
  5. Glad you are back on it! Welcome!
  6. Thanks for the welcome,

    I must say I'm loving being back on two wheels, just kicking myself it's taken this long.

    Cheers Daniel
  7. Welcome to NR Daniel and glad you're back on 2 wheels. I was down your way on tuesday checking out new stuff, heaps of fun bits and quite a lot of roadworks too. Hope to join you on a ride down that way soon,

  8. Hey Ned,

    Yea I'm spewing; I didn't see the thread in time to arrange an RDO. I would have loved to come out with you guys. It would have been some new roads for me as well.

    I’ve currently got a couple of 200+k loops that I try and do every weekend with lots of twisty’s, I’ve learned to deal with the road works as it keeps a lot of cars away. I even put up with a few k’s of gravel road just to get to the twisty bitumen on the other side :D . Touch wood I’ll be out again Sat morning

    Cheers Daniel
  9. That's what we did too, well worth it, magic stuff down there. I'd be interested in the loops you recommend, any chance of putting up a link?

  10. Dont advertise them, Other wise you wont be able to use them, PM and word of mouth, or go on a ride and see them personally,
  11. Thanks Deadman, I kinda figued that might be the case :D

    Ned late notice, but I'm heading out Sat morning I'd be happy to show you some if your interested? Or let me know when your heading down this way next and I'll give you a heads up

    I don't know that I'd be able to keep up with you guys but I can point ya in the right direction lol

    Cheers Daniel
  12. You dont have to keep up, Daniel,
    Thats what corner markers are for, Waiting for the slower riders to catch up,

    The lead rider will also stop occasionally and wait for every one to regroup,

    We try not to leave any one behind,
  13. Yea I know, but sometimes thats part of the fun (up to a point.)

    It’s an open invitation if anyone wants to come for a ride Saturday morning I’d be happy to show a few roads that I’ve come across and doubt there on the main ride routes, just let me know

    Cheers Daniel
  14. Thanks Daniel but I can't make it this weekend, will let you know when I'm going to be down that way again though.
  15. Hey Ned, No stress mate.

    Offer is open anytime