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Howdi from SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by stubanger, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Howdi all the names Stu, from South Australia(Adelaide). I have a few bikes-yamaha,honda,kawasaki. Some say i collect them/gradually restore them and just keep some in running order to go for a cruise on every other weekend.

    quick list of some of my yamahas:
    1976 RD200 - running/registered future resto
    1977 RD250 - spares
    1980 RD250G - recent resto
    1994 XV250(virago-daily commuter)
    1983 SR250(spare daily)
    2x 1983 SR250- spares
    3x 1984 SR185s
    1980 XS250-awaiting resto
    1969 AS1 - partly restored
    1967 YL1 - partly restored
    1969 AS1 - spares
    8x Yamaha V90's(dont ask why so many lol)
    1982 Yamaha V80
    Yamaha V50
    1979 RX125
    1985 XT250
    1979 DT125
    1982 DT175
    1991 DT175
    1985 yamaha XT250 (my adv bike)

    1991 CBR250RR
    5x 1970s CB100s
    3x 1970s CT90s
    1977 CB360G

    1984 GPZ750(ZX750A)
    1976 KH100
    1979 KM100

    1975 TC185

    I think that is most of them accounted for haha as you can see i like the old 2 strokers.
  2. Hi Stu, Welcome. That is quite a collection you have, I guess its hard to get in to your garage. I had a soft spot for the RDs as well, although no RD350 in your list. They were a weapon :)
  3. Nice collection mate. Also from SA. Do you get out around garage mc very often?
  4. cjvfr: im on the lookout for a RD350/400, wouldnt mind an lc if i could find one thats not 4g haha

    RRdevil: what is this garage mc you speak of?
  5. Nice collection mate. Also from SA. Do you get out around garage mc very often?
  6. Howdy welcome, what no Ducati's? :)
    Garage Motor Cycles in Strath I think the Devil refers to.
  7. Cheers Mcseena - as for Garage motorcycles in strath, never been there. Around there on the GPZ yeah but aint stopped in for a look.
  8. Thats the spot. Not much there really but mary lous daughter makes awesome coffee. Prices are a bit high for gear therw but they are a small dealer so will support them first
  9. Cheers, ill have to drop by there next time when the wrists get sore and let the old girl cool down haha
  10. had an ice coffee there last week ).

    Gidday Stubanger, - from salisbury heights )
  11. I bought my CB400 from there :)
  12. Welcome Stu, nice collection.