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How you commute to work on a BIKE??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VasRR, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. Gday all,

    Just recently i had lost my job due to the company being liquidated !@#$%
    so that meant i lost my car as well.....

    So began the interview process again and travelling on the weekender CBR1000rr. I was travelling north on Pennant Hills road when this "P" plater in a little hatch entered from the side street and cut straight through 3 !@#$% lanes and forced me into emergency braking were i nearly went over my own handle bars. I proceeded along side of here and noticed she had here ear phones on and did not even know i was there. And by the look of the rest of her cars body work i feel sorry for the other unsuspecting people she has hit!!

    That brings me to my title. I have done years of riding in back country and weekend rides but whoever does it every morning and evening to and from work, guys and gilrs hope you dont run into a little blue hatch on Pennant hills road!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be Safe everyone!!

    Love to Live Love to Ride!!!

  2. Location: Sydney. Isn't that normal driving there.
  3. Yeah. Commuting gives a whole different kind of rush ;)

    Ps. I have no idea how people commute in sydney in a car. My trip would be over an hr in a car, same on public transport, 45mins on a pushie and only 20mins on the bike.
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  4. God commuting is intense sometimes, nothing makes me more worried about my own personal safety than commuting on my bike, especially being forced into a hurry while commuting, that is the worst. Never rush at peak times on a bike. I have at least got a short commute that is only intense in certain places, i couldn't handle a huge commute like some riders do every day rain/hail/shine.

    I am many degrees less worried about my safety with my knee down and my head centimeters from rock walls/ road edge marking posts at many many many kilometers per hour
  5. After 25 years of doing it, off and on, I've never regarded it as anything but the normal state of things.

    Not commuting by bike when you could? Now that's just weird.
  6. I take it as it comes. It is now the norm to watch out for idiotic drivers, it just becomes second nature just like may other things you do repeatedly. Just don't become complacent about the whole thing, always be aware and vigilant.
  7. just because its second nature doenst mean its not stressful, having to worry about:

    Cars behind me
    Cars infront of me
    Cars beside me
    Cars pulling out from driveways
    Cars pulling off from the kerb
    Cars turning right
    Cars turning left
    Cars running red lights
    Cars not giving way at roundabouts or giveway/stop sign intersections

    Is a lot to think about, that being said i commute to uni or i dont go to uni. I was just making the comment that for me, i find the most aggressive sports road riding to be many magnitudes more relaxing than commuting.
  8. Happens all the time. Never assume they've seen you even when you're directly in front of them. Leave the assumptions for when you've physically poked them in the eyes.
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    I could never commute in a car. I've had arguments with the dudette before because it's cold and raining outside and she tries to make me take the car. Yes there are idiots but it really helps to ride knowing you will encounter idiots.

  10. ^ This. Everyone out there is an idiot until proven otherwise. And not exclusively cagers either. Just today, I saw a texting cyclists. That's right. Dude on a pushbike, in moving traffic, eyes mostly off the road, tapping away on his mobile.
  11. rants go where?
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