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How would you respond?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by gsxrjames, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. This might not be considered a near miss, it happens to everyone regularly, just wanted to get some feedback on how people respond.

    Riding down the left lane of a two lane road with a car on the right going below the speed limit. Car begins to drift across into my lane without indicating or looking. He came very close and I was aware he hadn’t seen me so I repositioned myself to avoid him. I then proceed to blast his ears with my pathetic horn which gives him a good fright and swerves back to his lane. He then gives me a sorry wave and lets me pass.

    What I was interested to know is, if you need to quickly respond to a crappy driver. Once you are safe do you let them know they’ve done something wrong or only use your horn whilst in danger? I always think it’s worthwhile waking them up and letting them know they could have killed you. Thoughts?
  2. If Ive hit the horn already or flashed the lights if it wasnt that bad I just give em the hand to visor as in "use your eyes". I imagine it scares them enough with me being a big tough bikie:LOL:

    If hes given you are sorry wave whats the point in still nailing him? And if he hasnt and doesnt care a bit of horn work wont change his attitude:(
  3. Hmm maybe I didn’t word that well. Assuming you’ve identified and avoided the risk quickly and haven’t previously used the horn or lights, will you use it (or gesture) once you are safe to let the person know the folly of their ways? In this instance the drive only realised I was there and waved sorry after I had beeped him. I agree it’s not worth aggravating those who deliberately cut you off or mess with you. I’m just talking about the lazy, inconsiderate general population who can't be bothered to head check.
  4. In a word- yes.
  5. I personally use horn only if there is a danger and have enough time on my hands to do that. I would not like to enrage any of them no matter if they are tough guys or just general inconsiderable person. I prefer not to waste time and attention thinking about that person at all I would rather watch out for another one like this to avoid them.
  6. I would follow the example of the comancheros on the hume highway this week :)
  7. I'd replace the bike's stock horn with one of those compact truck horns, and when this stuff happens let 'em have it.
  8. +1 on the better horn, the Stebel Nautilus compact is great if you can fit it on your bike.

    If the driver is looking at me after such an incident I look at them and shake my head.
  9. If they acknowledge and say sorry... situation over.

    If they don't... they get the pitiful head shake and a 'use your eyes/head' gesture.

    If they get mad... run away. Not worth trying to educate a psycho.
  10. I have a Stebel and it's LOUD but a few times I've had people continue trying to cut me off after giving them a warning blast (not just a toot). Just last week I gave this sheila a blast and she looked in her mirror at me (I saw her look straight at me in her driver's side mirror) and continued into my lane. She must have figured that nearly killing me wasn't good enough.

    Yes I slowed down to make sure she wouldn't hit me before I hit the horn.

    When they continue on like it's their right to kill us I give them a sign or two to go on with but if they acknowledge their mistake with a wave I usually let it go, unless they've done something really, really stupid (although I realise cutting of bikes is really stupid.
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    You just need to [URL="]upgrade the horn again[/URL]

    ]Or again[/URL]

  12. The factory horn I have on my bike is deafeningly loud, much moreso than an average car horn I compared it to.
    As a subconcious reflex I tend to stick my thumb on the button WHILST swerving out of the way of these drivers. That way it gives them a chance to move back to their lane sooner rather than after its too late.

    If its nothing bad and they signal an apology I might wave back as if to say no worries, then continue my business
    However if they almost take me out or do something really stupid then they perhaps deserve the finger and/or more horn blasting.

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    Thanks, now i gotta look at youtube videos all night! Must...look... at... one... more!
  14. I just get out of their way ... I expect them to aim for me ... they are driving toward the light!

    Generally best not to ride beside cars, especially in their blind spot ... sss. Ride the open road!
  15. Although I wouldn't recommend it, I have been known to put a boot in a panel, that usually gets their attention.
  16. I've had this happen once. I was next to a car in the far right lane with a barrier dividing the road. the cage starts coming across on me (I'm next to the drivers door). I honk, it looks across and sees me, waits a second then continued and completely moves into my lane with me. I moved across and was litterally riding on the barrier. I carefully acelerate out of there and move back in front and start aggressivley signaling at them and they just hung back. We stop at the lights and it sits back 3 car legths back from me.

    I should have stomped their roof in for that.

    A few times I've had cars move across in a similer fashion but force me onto the wrong side of the road. I rev my bike up and hit the horn and they look across at me like 'whats this f*ckwit think he's doing?' and start mouthing offensive shit at me.
  17. Don't you just love the way they abuse you because they've screwed up.
  18. Yeah I agree. If you get acknowledgment they have done something wrong then you are doing well. Mistakes happen and it is partly our fault as we ARE less visible, so there is no point pushing the issue.

    In Sydney there is a tendency at the moment to come over, even if they see you and you are on the horn. I think they are used to doing that with other cars and don't think of the ramifications of this to bike riders. In that case it may be worth making a point.
  19. All. The. Time

    In the cage, or on the bike.

    More often in the car though, as i try to anticipate others idiocy/ineptitude more when im riding.
  20. I usually follow up the beeping by coming up to their window at the lights and death stare them for a few moments before moving on.