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How would you do this? Answered!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raven, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Here's a bit of a test, for the less experienced... :wink:

    So there you are approaching a clear, smooth 45K corner out on the open road with no suprises...a little way into the turn, your bike starts to run a bit wide, either because you are'nt turning enough, or the corner is tightening up on you.

    All other things being equal...How do you turn your bike a little sharper to stay on your chosen trajectory through the corner, and not run wide onto the wrong side of the road.????

    No pressies for getting it right, but if you know the 'right' answer, you WILL live longer. :)

    Experienced riders, please stay quiet.... :p :p :p

  2. I guess I'd lean harder and force myself to look through the corner as well as praying I make it [-o<
  3. ill take a stab at it.

    not let go of the throttle. push my shoulders and head further down the inside of the bike, countersteer harder but most definately not let go off the throttle.

    knowing it is one thing but doing at at the crunch time is another though :p
  4. im also assuming you arse is half a butt cheek inside the line and you are looking as far ahead as possible
  5. So far, No correct answers...(although you are on the right track)

    I need to hear the explicit and concise answer that is required...
    ...because I need to see that your first thought is instinctively correct. :)
  6. I would have done what they said. If that isn't right, does a touch of rear brake tighten the line? :? Is it a trick question, like 'slow in, fast out, especially in corners you haven't seen before'?

  7. You could either countersteer to get the bike to lean over more. You could move more weight to the inside of the corner if your not game to lean the bike anymore.

    You could load the front tire by rolling off the throttle and lightly braking to reduce speed to decrease the radius of your turn.

    Its hard though when your survival reactions kick in an all you want to do is hit the brakes hard and stand the bike up and see where you think you might run off.
  8. I'll have a go.
    I take it this is a left hand corner so I would apply pressure to the left handlebar and roll on a bit of throttle.
  9. Re: How would you do this?

    Why would you roll on Deadsy?
  10. Re: How would you do this?

    if there is no surprises why woudl you be running wide in the first place :LOL: :p
  11. Re: How would you do this?

    Regardless of the answer, a n00b saying it and doing it are two different things.

    Good question to remind us all though.
  12. Re: How would you do this?

    It helps in holding your line through the corner? [​IMG]
    It's probably a good time to have another flick through TOTW II I think!
  13. Re: How would you do this?

    Because rolling on the power will transfer weight through the back wheel thereby stabilising the bike?
  14. Re: How would you do this?

    But will it help you to turn the bike to stop you running wide?
  15. Re: How would you do this?

    Nup...the bike is already stabilized, or should be. In any case, that's not always necessary, whereas the correct and succinct answer "is", Deadsy.
  16. Re: How would you do this?

    More throttle will lift the bike up and run it wider.
  17. All i would concentrate on is my speed.

    The second you go over the posted speed limit....your dead. Apparently.

    I would tip in harder as previously said, maintain throttle position (roll on slightly if anything) and look as far through the corner as i can. Your tires will take alot more lean angle than your mind will....
  18. A few of you are getting it, but including a bit of other stuff that while possibly necessary, are not the "simple and succinct" answer I am looking for.
    Remember, it's the first thought that should enter your head (even before - Oh sh*t!....or prefferably your first instinctive reaction to the problem... :)

    This is not a crash scenario...you are just taking a corner/bend in the road and find yourself running a little wide...everything else is fine - no Kangaroos etc, and no serious danger.
  19. What happens if you are simply not game to lean the bike over any more to get the bike to turn faster? Some begineers are not confident in how far they can lean the bike over. I guess if you come into a corner at your limit and conditions change your in a lot of trouble.
  20. "I would tip it in harder", "I would lean more"... they all say the right action, but for the noob, the succint mechanics of achieving that action is to put more pressure on the inside bar .

    If you don't want to lean the bike any further, then you MUST get more human weight to the "inside" of the bike.