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How would you deal with this situation ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, May 2, 2007.

  1. As a lot of you are aware, I am currently shopping for a replacement to my VFR. I have basically decided on another VFR.

    My budget is $12,500. This, especially according to Tam is a FIRM budget, one that will not be broken.

    I have ridden an '06 VFR (1st registered in Jan '07) with 800k's on the clock that is for sale through a dealership. This morning I went back to talk to the sales guy. Very quickly we arrived at the not unexpected result that they could in no way come down to $12,500 ride away for the bike. He did seem genuine in that decision, as did I in mine that I could not go beyond $12,500.

    The bike is literally "as new" as any pre-owned bike probably could be. It is stock standard off the showroom floor.

    Pretty much he told me that they could give it to me ride away for $14,200. I suspect I could squeeze the $200 out of them and get it for $14,000. However, I refer you once again to Tam and my FIRM budget of $12,500. I realise we are only talking about $1,500, but I agree with Tam in so much as what is the point of setting a budget if you are only going to break it.

    I don't really want to enter into a discussion with Tam trying to cajole her into relenting and letting me go up to $14,000, because that will only lead to an inevitable argument and ill feeling, and that's not something that is any good for anyone.

    Should I try to source the extra $1500 by other means, or should I simply wipe this particular bike from my mind and wait till something comes along that is within my budget ?

    Given that I can get a Brand New VFR from Peter Stevens for $15,300 ride away ($13,990 + ORC) is this bike a "bargain" or simply correctly priced at $14,000 ?

    Your thoughts ?
  2. If you have youre heart set on it, get the extra cash...
    My brother (rainmann) bought his Harley Davidson in cash, for $13,500 after working his balls off for a year, eating very basically and living a no thrills life. He said it was one of the best moments in his life, handing over the $50 bills to the shop owner. While youre saving, look around at the same time, cos that extra cash could go towards extras too, if you find a cheaper bike.
    You could always find another one thats not as good, and put some more cash into it later on. That way you can ride now, save and spend later. In the end its up to you, but leave the options open. its a win win situation anyway, its not like you'll be dissapointed either way. Good luck
  3. If you're spending $14000 and coming away with a VFR, you're spending crazy money for an average motorcycle.

    Dude you can get an 04 blade or gixxer for $13k. You can get a CBR6F4i for 10k. A z1000 for 10-12k. A brand new hornet9 for 10k. The VFR ain't all that, it's a reasonably nice bike but you can get so much more inside your budget; more power, more laughs, more handling, better suspension etc etc

    $14k and you're into second hand superduke territory. Yeeeeee-HARRR!
  4. Most of this mans posts are trash but this one is bloody spot on!! :p

    I think i'm dead :LOL:
  5. Loz/Vic - listen to me - I don't want a full Sports Bike, I don't want a Naked bike. I want a Sports Tourer. I know the VFR, I like the VFR, I want a VFR - it's about what I want, not about what others think are better performance machines, quicker, more exciting, blah blah blah. It really is that simple

    My questions above are not about picking other bikes that I could get within my budget, it's about this particular VFR at the price quoted vs my budget.
  6. and theres nothing better than a meaty V-four, apart from perhaps a v twin in my books... I dont perticulairly like the delivery of in4's, so i'd pay the same for a bike that is not an agressive high performance machine. I love the VFR's, and would own one over a 1000cc in4.
  7. If it is not in the budget then it is not in the budget. Simple really.
  8. Sounds like you won't be able to get the dealer down to $12,500. What about this one: http://tinyurl.com/3djx27 2005 model $13099 from a dealer, and only 3000km
  9. I picked up my 04 Triumph Sprint ST for $12500, and I bloody love it. 14K for an 06 VFR is good as its the newer model too. The VFR is a good bike, but not as good or as powerful as the 955efi Sprint ST IMO, but I just wasn't prepared to spend over the odds on the Honda's simply because they were Hondas. Does it have to be the newer model VFR?
  10. What is the reasoning behind getting the funds from else ware...

    A Budget is about how much you are willing to spend.
    The Logic that says can I get the money from else ware could also be used to say, the bike is more than I had expected therefore long-term a better investment....

    You can go around in circles with the reasons for and against.
    I would suggest you go back to the finance committee and bring up the mitigating circumstances (Age and quality) If the initial answer is no, then don't pursue it (Not worth a fight if you have already come to an agreement).

    Otherwise... Stick to the budget and walk away. Don't look back and don't beat yourself up over it. Just move on.
  11. I can think of three initial questions you need to address:

    One - is the bike worth the money they're asking?

    Two - if it is, do you want to spend that much on a motorcycle right now?

    Three - if you do, how will it affect things between you and Tam?

    If the answer to Q's 1 or 2 is 'no', or if the answer to Q3 is 'I'll be in traction for months', buy something for $12,500.

    Otherwise, go for it.

    Simple really! :LOL:
  12. Time to keep looking....
  13. If I've completely misunderstood the question, my apology in advance...

    Tricky one. Short of winning Tatts or receiving a bequest from a relative who died unexpectedly, I can't see what sort of "other means" would still fulfill Tam's criteria. The exception I can see is to sell one of your (as opposed to "our") other toys to fund the difference. That's, at least, cost neutral to the family budget and possibly something Tam would countenance.

    But if "other means" is a commercial loan in your name, or borrow from a mate, I'd question whether the bike turns out to be such a bargain if Tam finds out. She's trusting you to respect that decisions about the family's resources are joint decisions. Frankly, in my household, $12,500 on a bike would be entirely out of the question (and I live alone, so I'm only arguing with myself) so Tam strikes me as generous.

    My take on this - it isn't about a bike. Bikes come and go, you crash 'em, get bored with 'em, or just wear them out. Of course, you can do the same with relationships, but wives are really costly to fix.
  14. another VFR? good lord! i hope it's an upgrade at least.

    you have options. for starters if you offered 14 you will get the bike like you said.

    now, if you test rode that bike and 'dropped' it to the cost of 2 grand that will cost you $800 excess. tell the salesman who wants to sell the bike that you "dropped" it and he will stick to your story.

    now you're up to 13.200.

    what is the ticket price on the bike? is it 142? if so he can come down.
    if he wont go somewhere else. i hear stevens is very crap. action is crap too.

    your other option is to buy the bike and work out how long you have to go without smoking [go the rollies!], drinking, going out for diner, new udies, etc. then do it. ive gone without smoking for a drum kit, and lived off peanut butter on toast for a helmet.

    you can shop around, use the paper to get something cheaper.
  15. You're seriously considering buying a bike just because it suits you? You selfish bastard! Next thing you know we'll be hearing that you actually want to ride it, not just drool on the brochure....shame on you.. :wink:
  16. I'd say go for a different VFR, personally... and Tam ain't the villain, need to have that straight in your head too. ;) One will come up privately with all the same stuff but $1500 cheaper just 'cos it's private. And karma will reward you.
  17. some interesting comments here :)

    #1 - The ticket price is above $14,200, he said he could come down to $14,200 ride away. I'm assuming if I rang him back up right now and said I could go to $14,000, he'd agree. A small assumption I know, but a slightly educated one as well.

    #2 - The extra $1500 would be via an interest free repayment plan offered by the dealer over 1 year. That doesn't change the fact that I would have then spent $14K on the bike when my budget is $12,500.

    #3 - Tam is not the villan at all. She's the reason I haven't done my arse a hundred times over in the past 4 years. She's also the reason that we can take overseas skiing holidays every couple of years or so.

    #4 - Is the bike worth $14K ? I guess the market decides what it's worth by virtue of it's ultimate selling price. NORMALLY, a VFR is $17,490 + ORC, so a 5 month old VFR with 800k's on it ride away for $14K sounds like a reasonable price.

    #5 - Unless Peter Steven's have stopped the offer, I could walk in there today and order a brand new VFR ride away for $15,300 without haggling. This is only a comparison to bring the one I'm looking at into perspective, cause I'm not going to be buying a brand new one.

    #6 - My budget is my budget, which makes this entire thread somewhat academic. I guess I'm trying to miraculously make the $1500 materialise by virtue of the fact that I'm talking about it. It's like continually checking the fridge in the hope that something good to eat as just walked itself in and jumped up to the top shelf.

    You know what I mean.

  18. Simple really ...

  19. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Would someone like to give me $1500 as a gift ? Please ?
  20. Here's the deal...

    Your borrow the $1500 from cash converters
    We email Tam and tell her
    Tam cuts of your 'nads with a hedge trimmer, you get admitted to hospital
    We have a fundraiser ride to help you out
    The funds raised go to... A VFR!!!!

    See...everybody's happy.

    My consultancy invoice ($1500 + GST) is on the way. Direct deposit is fine - I'll PM my bank details.