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How would you cark it!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Levih, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Ok lets say, you have terminal cancer, and didn't wanna die in a boring hospital bed, all alone. Not much fun right?

    Wouldn't you rather take your prized possession, and do something really awesome that it would get you in the news and remembered as that guy who...

    Me personally, i'd try and hit the ramp blockaids near the harbor bridge and jump into the water lol.

    What about you guys?

  2. Vigorous sex sessions where I either die from exhaustion or smothered between breasts.

    I don't care about news etc, that's how I wanna die
  3. Killed while saving the entire population of a small Island. My body must then be taxidermised and my dna saved for a time when I am able to be cloned and brought back to life as an army of me's with the sole purpose of gracing the future world with my perfect genes. This future world would then be impregnated with my oats and the world will then achieve world peace and have reached such a state of genetic perfection that everyone will be happy and I will then be worshipped as a god. Books will be written about me.... hell I'll even have my own tv show!
  4. My brother once lost consciousness due to suffocation whilst performing oral sex. Taken to a fatal extent, that'll do me.

    After I've eliminated all those whose continued existence depends on my not contracting a terminal disease, of course :twisted:.
  5. On a guy ?

  6. I want to be the first person to die because the level of awesomeness in my bloodstream exceeded LD50.

    Or, if possible, death by world's bounciest trampoline...he just bounced too high.
  7. I didn't realise they had a test for awesomeness...

    Continuous laps of the IOM until you run out of money or talent, then die happy.
  8. ..booze, sex, bike ride... sex, bike ride, booze... bike ride, booze, sex...booze, sex, bike ride... sex, bike ride, booze... bike ride, booze, sex...

    Oh!!... same as usual then!!.... :dance::dance::dance:
  9. Choke on a hair ball?
  10. riding motorbike, skydiving, sex, moshpit for red hot chilli peppers (original stuff) or the rolling stones... repeat.
  11. she smelt that bad!? :-s
  12. Step 1: Hookers.
    Step 2: Liberal dosage of single malt whiskey
    Step 3: Turbo-charged Hayabusa + ramp + canyon + fireworks = spectacular
  13. Is that like the male version of the thelma & louise canyon jump?
  14. More like revenge of the limpet.
  15. ..eewwwwww!!!! :shock:
  16. what's a limpet? :-s
  17. .. a sucky little shell fish that hangs onto rocks!!... :rofl: (quite apt really!!....)
  18. that's what i found on google and what I thought it was... very much ewwwwwwwwwwww! :rofl:
  19. Why not get adventurous and have sex whilst skydiving? :angel:
  20. nah, not a fan of slapping wind into my boobs