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How would this go down locally?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. From the ABC's news web site today - without further comment...:


    Circus stunts to rev up Jakarta patrols
    A new police motorcycle squad has been formed in Jakarta to patrol the Indonesian capital's mean streets and perform circus-style stunts to entertain the public.

    The 25-man squad, kitted out with Harley-Davidson bikes, is expected to combine duties policing the city's notorious traffic with displays of motorcycle prowess, such as standing on the saddle, riding in formation and slaloms.

  2. Vic Pol used to have a motorcycle precision riding team that performed at things like the Royal Show & the country versions (an Inspector I know was a member of the group many, many years ago).

    The WA Pol had/have a car based group and I seem to remember seeing footage on the news a few years ago of them getting it all wrong and damaging about 6 cars during a display. :LOL:
  3. Knowing the Indonesian police though, they probably want to do it as part of their daily patrols... not as well as. :D

    Still, at least they won't be doing many wheelies on a police HD.... :D
  4. Dunno.

    Some of our traffic cops seem to drive like stunt drivers whenever they pick a vehicle doing a few kays over the limit.

    Witnessed one recently. Did this god almighty burnout when doing a "U'ey" in front of other traffic and took off after this car. I estimated that he got up to at least 160 km/h in the short distance it took to catch up to the miscreant. Most of the other vehicles braked rather heavily when they saw this happening in front of them, and that in itself could've caused problems.

    In another incident, the lads were riding back from Bendigo and were on some freeway west/nw of MEL, in reasonably moderate traffic. A rider passed them doing probably 115-120 km/h. A minute later a copper, doing probably 140 or more, came hurtling through, zapping between cars, etc, to haul this rider over. The rider , incidentally, was not doing much faster than the surrounding traffic, and was in his own lane, no splitting, or lane changing.

    He must've had the bejazuz scared outta him when this copper hoon came storming up behind him, lights and sirens going full tilt.

    While I'm an advocate of coppers giving chase after crooks, sometimes I do wonder if the hormones aren't raging flack knacker whenever the "need" arises to give chase. It seems that it's either full on, or not at all.
  5. sounds like the one and only benefit of the cameras being fitted to NSW cars is to help try and curb this behaviour.

    For everything else its still game over, this ain't fair!
  6. they did stuff up royally but was only 2 cars unfortunately :LOL:
    they stuffed up once on horse back too and actually killed one of the horses and seriously injured its rider
    -and people wonder why i cringe when i see a marked car go by :LOL: