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How will next year's Victorian Laws LAMS affect 250cc Sales?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by M____G, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm writing because I find myself in a bit of a complicated scenario. I'm currently on my L's and am around 2 weeks away from purchasing my first bike.

    I have my eyes set on the Hyosung GT250r. It's a fantastic looking bike and I have heard from many that it is a fantastic buy. Of course you read through the negative reviews on the net... But like everything, you only hear from the unhappy customers.

    Now, this is where I'm stuck. Once the new LAMS laws come into affect, mid way through next year, the Hyosung GT650r will be available to learners. The 650 model looks basically identical to the 250 model. And so I ask myself... Who on earth would purchase a 250cc version of this bike, when the 650 looks the same and gives you more bang for your buck (Both bikes are about the same price)

    Does anyone have any advice/ solutions to avoid this potential problem?



  2. You won't be able to buy the 650R but the 650L which has a different set of carby slides (gives you half the power). You can then have them replaced post restrictions.
  3. I guess if you want to wait, then OK. People up here who have the 650 really like it, but as to how many are de-restricting them and keeping them after restrictions are up, I don't know.
  4. Do you know when LAMS is coming in? No one else does. Its only been announced.
    If I was you and I wanted a bike now I'd go with the 250 now and get some k's under my belt. It will still be sellable when LAMS comes in as people will still want 250's they still sell 250's in LAMS states.
    If you want a bike now. Get a bike now.
  5. It comes in mid next year. Cbf finding the link.

    Just buy the 250. Plenty of people will still want to start on the 250 and they will still be popular with the commuter market.

    Asif you can wait a year for a bike :cool:

    Anyway this time next year you'll be thinking about a *REAL* bike 'cos you'll only have a few months to go.

    As for resale value - don't buy brand new. LAMS doesn't affect the prices of 250s though, compare prices in NSW compared to VIC.
  6. No date has been set...................
  7. the answer is simple the GT250R has no restrictions other then the fact that it is a 250, where the GT650RL has got restrictors in the slides in the carbs, and as it goes while both bikes are lams it actually works out that the 250 will get up and go alot better then the 650, only difference is that once off restrictions you can de-restrict the 650, where with the 250 you will need to sell it if you want more power
  8. If u have a look at NSW (which already has LAMS) u will see there are plenty of 250 and 650 GT's around. People still buy and resale them even though there is a 650 version around. I dare say if u get a 2nd hand one u will not loose more than a few hundred in resale value (pending u dont try and sell it winthin a month of lams being introduced)
  9. I live in south australia.
    LAMS came in about 6 months before I was due to upgrade.
    I sold my CB250 for $500 MORE than I paid for it.

    I recon you'll do fine on re-sale.
  10. No date has been set but they said mid 2008
  11. from my experience in riding in NSW with the LAM system i think that i have seen more P and L plate riders on 250cc bikes and the occasionaly bigger one.
  12. http://www.dpc.vic.gov.au/domino/Web_Notes/newmedia.nsf/8fc6e140ef55837cca256c8c00183cdc/08e7ff235e1bb922ca2573130001e3e4!OpenDocument
    well that is the official media blob...

    As for sales?? I think the price of old 250's will drop but it will creep up next season.. and some of LAMS bikes will also go up in price but only for that first season... ether way bike sales are going up and up... more people are getting their licence now than any other time in Victorian history... even scooter sales have gone up...
  13. Re: How will next year's Victorian Laws LAMS affect 250cc Sa

    Um no they are not. Price difference is a couple of thou last time I looked. :)
  14. have had my HyoGT250R for 3 months now and believe me they are fast enough for anyone riding the first time.

    that being said got on a mates BMW Brutale 750 the other day and realised I have much to learn before making a Jedi purchase like that.
  15. maybe in sydney, but anywhere outta town, you wont find any (ok, wont find many) 2fiddys at all.
  16. I'd imagine that sales of the old 2-stroke 250s (RGV, RS250 et al) *may* be impacted as LAMs makes these bikes illegal for restricted licenses.

    250cc (4-stroke) bikes are still very popular for learners in LAMs states as there is an abundance of second hand bikes around. Not everyone wants a fast bike to learn on - there is even a market for 125cc bikes.

    And regarding the Hyosung 250r vs 650r - brand new there is about $2.3k price difference - which is enough for a new rider to buy their riding gear.
  17. BMW Brutale? I thought the Brutale 750 was an MV Agusta?
  18. you're right - but i read an article the other day saying BMW bought MV as of July 19th 2007 hence my reference
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