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How will I cope without her??!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cookeetree, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. I left my bike at Springwood Suzuki yesterday arvo, to get the insurance repairs done. While she's in there, I'm getting some engine and brake work done and new rubber fitted. When she comes out, she'll be beautiful again, will go like stink, stop on a dime and stick like sh*t to the road. I can't wait!

    But, how will I cope while she's in there? What will I do when I've got that urge to ride? Jump on Mrs Tree's 250??? That won't cut it. It's like being on a BMX compared to my big girl.

    To make the wait even worse, I bought a tank bag yesterday. So, I've got this brand new tank bag, but no bike to put it on.

    Oh, God, I can feel the shakes starting already... :(

    Mod's - Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Didn't know if it fell into the Maintenance or General category.
  2. Teehee Cookeetree. you could put Mrs Trees & mine Side By Side, you'll @ least have Half a 1000 wot ever. just gotta make sure u get ur lags ovr both bikes. LOL :rofl:
  3. But yours is a Hyo. Might as well ride my Husky lawnmower! :p

    j/k mate. :wink:
  5. Mowing at 4am? The neighbours would love me! :wink:
  6. Mine is in having its rear brake fixed, after running a pad down to the metal. Put it in last Thursday. Might get it back this Wednesday. The guy who machines discs broke his machine, hence the delay.

    They gave me a loan bike. A Honda Transalp. :shock: Okay, so it is upright like my bike, and I did consider one at one time. For a moment. A short moment. Then I woke from the nightmare. I test road one at the Honda Ride for Life day, just to compare. I should have refused to take it as a loaner. I haven't ridden it much. It's too strange. I want my bike back. Coping without a bike would be easier. I should have walked home. I could have done it in 10 hours or so. I'm sure I would have recovered soon enough to walk back to pick up my bike.

    I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms, and I'm in shock. Oh, and then the bill will be presented. Ohhhhhhhh.
  7. I was gonna hit them up for a loaner bike, then I remembered I was at a Suzuki dealership. I just couldn't forgive myself if I rode a Suzy! :LOL:
  8. Ah, Cookee, you're a Suzuki snob as well!!! :LOL: I won't even go into a suzi shop anymore!!! Mrs Tree's bike is better than no riding at all... although I can't imagine Paul being happy if he had to ride Geepy :shock:

    Just spend all that riding time you're missing planning the next BBQ!
  9. I'm not a snob, I'm just a Kwacka fanatic. I know, it seems strange taking a Kwacka to a Suzy dealer, but the custom painter I want to use gets contracted by them to do their insurance work. He doesn't do insurance work straight up, only through them. He doesn't do repairs, mechanicals, or anything else, just awesome paint.

    I've thought about riding her bike, but just sitting on it scares me. The bars are soooooooo narrow compared to mine and it's only got this much > < more power than my ride-on mower!
  10. 250's are a whole heap of fun to ride!
  11. Oh, I know. I spent 2 1/2 years on the 250 before handing her over to Mrs Tree to ride full-time. But, having been on the 1100 for 9 months now, the 250 just feels "awkward". As I said, the bars are so close together, it just doesn't feel right.
  12. get used to the 250 then when the big bike comes back, it will feel exhilarating all over again!
  13. Now there's some lateral thinking! I mean, the 1100 pulls so hard it still surprises me at times, but it'll be compounded fifty-fold after riding the 250. :grin:
  14. Just spent seven long weeks off the SR500, riding my girl's SR185, and it's true! (Mind you, the 185 was still fun - just gotta appreciate its different virtues and not compare it to a bigger bike).

  15. There u go Cookeetree. Ride Mrs Trees and when ur's comes back it'll be like riding a new one
  16. Cookeetree, I know how you feel.
    My beautful bike is sitting there and I'm not able to ride it :(

  18. Forgive my ignorance but why?
  19. Takes 2mins to research boy! [​IMG]

  20. Don't stress, I was only joking about not wanting to ride a Suzy. I'd have loved for them to throw me the keys to an SV1000s for a few weeks. *drools*

    Guess I'll just have to ride to 250 and make loud "VROOOOM!" sounds to make up for it's lack of litre-bike "music".