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How Wet have you Been?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. All of us, at some stage or other, have been caught out in the rain on our bike without our wet weather gear..

    What's your worst wet weather experience?

    Was it funny or frightening?

    Can you laugh about it now?

    How do you avoid getting drowned?
  2. Few showers and some heavy rain on the way to/from work.

    Always wear DriRider jacket/gloves, boots so its only my legs that get wet, and I can block most of the rain with my arms so its really not that bad at all...

    Riding in the rain is fun :)
  3. 500km in continual heavy rain.
    just put it down to shyte happens, but will admit the hot shower when i got home was oh soooo sweeet
  4. It was on a trial ride from Dargo to Swifts Creek and back about 5 years ago, sky was clear and blue when we set off. on the way back it start to rain pick handles, I have never ben so wet or cold when on a bike. The wearing of only 2 motor-X tops probably did not help but not bothering to stop when I needed a piss did :D well it did make me feel warm for a few minutes.

    It was not funny at the time, it was freezing but I can see the funny side of it now :LOL:
  5. Years ago, from Melbourne - Lakes Entrance pouring rain all the way :!:
    On a 250 CB Honda no Fairings or the like to hide behind :(
    Wearing an old Army disposal jacket an flying boots full to the brim with water along with very soggy rabbit fur lined gloves :cry:
    It was a very character building ride to say the least.
    And gives me a greater appreciation of the water proof gear I now own and take for granted :!:
  6. :roll: well this goes back too my dirt riding days we used to get the tail end of cyclones commig through and it would absolutely piss down in my infinite wisdom i thought to go out for a ride well needless to say i had a ball and would not get let back into the house till i had stripped butt naked :LOL:
  7. For me it was a 250km ride road/dirt mix last year (only been riding on roads for just under 2 years). A cold wet day, and it was meant to be snowing down to a lowish level, so going to find some is a good enough reason for a ride. Sounds good.

    Rode out to Healsville, then up into Toolangi State Forest and around the place (ended up a little lost at one stage). Pretty much constant rain and snowing (but not settling) and hailing at times. I was wearing a road helmet which was fogging like crazy, so visor was frequently open and stinging the face with hail. Some tracks were slipery clay and had some bog holes that I to had foot the bike along and they filled with water. Onwards to Mt Donna Buang via Archon Way with more snow around, and back down to Warburton and back to Melbourne.

    Starting to get quite cold now and my Dririder 'Extreme' gloves prove to be not as 'Extreme' as first thought. Jacket and pants (apart from the bottom which had been dipped in water) mostly fine though, but boots and gloves are waterlogged and bloody cold.

    Stoped a few times on the way back to squeeze out the gloves and empty the boots and rewarm a bit. My phone was saying 5deg. But still took the scienic route back through the Dandynongs. :LOL:

    A challenging/stupid ride, but probably one of the most satisfying and enjoyable :)shock:). Also the ride that my bike ticked over 10 000km :D That will teach me for wanting to go out in bad weather... actually it probably won't. The warm shower was one of the best feelings and allowed me to gain feeling back in my extremities and clean all the dirt off.

    Probably less frightening that in the city because of other vehicles and tram tracks.
  8. Riding back from the King of the Weir race meeting at Albury. Rained all the way between Albury and Yass, fined up slightly near Yass and then bucketed down all the way to Canberra.
    RC's 400/4 ran on two of its four pots most of the time, but the old XS-650 slugged it out like an old prize-fighter.
    I was wearing leathers and a Line-7 suit over, and was mostly dry, only the usual soak of moisture down to the crotch.
  9. That's a bit personal isn't it? Sorry :D
  10. Yer, it wasn't until after I'd posted that that I realised that some nifty people in here could make it mean something completely different to what I had intended!!!

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  11. Wasn't a long-distance odyssey like some of yours, but I was caught out in St. Kilda in the floods in January this year. Most of the ride was uncomfortable, but hey, part of riding.

    Then a bloody taxi in the lane beside me and just ahead of me hit what must have been a foot-deep puddle. It was a slow-motion moment watching this wall of water looming up at me from under the wheels.

    Hit me in the chest and face like a ton of bricks, nearly knocked me off the bike.

    That sucked.
  12. Yeah so many lines & so few warnings left!
  13. Seriously though coming home from coffee one night last winter still on my L's, weather fine until 5 mins after we got there then the heavens opened up & was going to wait it out but come 10.30pm & no let up had to make the decision to ride home in it! Never been so cold, so wet, so scared or SO glad to see my front door!
  14. Would have to have been in New Zealand. Heading home from work & got caught in a real torrential downpour. I think it was about 150mm of rain in like 1/2 an hour. The water was like an inch deep on the road. Not flooded but just sort of sitting there. Stupid here decides to keep on riding. My 750 yamaha was aquaplaning at about 80km/hr. No sh!t. You could roll on the throttle & it would just spin up the back tyre & drift down the road on an angle :D . All the cars had pulled over & stopped so I had the whole road to myself. Cool huh? That was when I was young & stupid. Still stupid but a bit older now. Hehehehe.
  15. He had leathers and a Line 7 suit over it.
    I had a pair of jeans and a denim jacket!!
    Get the picture???
    And, no, I STILL can't laugh about it.
  16. That's an old scuba divers trick, we used to piss our wets to keep warm..... must admit, never tried it on a bike though.

    For me, it was riding from Melbourne back to Sale on an old XT250 with Nobby tyres, and no wet weather gear, pulled in at Morwell and bought a newspaper, shoved it down my shirt and pants to try and keep the jewels and everything else from getting hypothermio. When i got back to base I was soaked through and had the headlines printed (in reverse) on my chest.
  17. Last year, I attended the National Ducati Rally in Bateman's Bay. Deciding to return to Melbourne on the Sunday, I left at 9 am.
    It started to rain in Narooma. Fairly torrential. There were a few groups riding the same way and we were leap frogging each other between petrol stops. One of the groups included three Harley Boys wearing Jeans. Me, I was in waterproof Tigerangels and using the KTM BarkBusters and Crumpler Bags.The only weakpoint was the Medal Boots. Unfortunately, leaked a bit. But, I had arctic socks on. Seemed to prevent hypothermia.
    The classic moment was passing a group of bikes at Cann River Petrol Station.
    It was nice to see a group of fellow and I waved enthusiastically. And they waved back, in a like manner. It was only after that I realised it was the Harley Boys. Not always what you'd expect. But, given the shared chill factor. Mutual Respect. Anyways, they waved me for the last time when they caught up and I pulled off the road at Orbost (more fuel).
    It stopped raining by the time I arrived in Stratford. Looking at the map it adds up to 460km or so.
    Amazing what you can do when you're determined. :shock: :D :D :D
  18. A Ride home from work one day, earlier this year. Melbourne had the most rain in 24 hours it's ever had, over 100mm I think. Everywhere was flooded. I only had w/proof pants on and the Dririder, not my ful wets, needless to say the jacket was soaked inside and out by the time I got home.
  19. Same as G, coming home from the Ducati Rally, except going from Canberra to Melbourne, torrential rain the whole way down. Was dry and reasonably warm with Gortex clothing on, the Foggoff mask helped that day as well.
    Took ages for the outside of my boots to dry out. the inside was warm and dry thks be to Gortex.
  20. I rode to sydney (back when the GP was at Eastern Creek) on the GSX750 that I had back then. I was wearing a fairly worn leather mars leather jacket and not quite so worn leather pants and a pair of plain old rossi boots.

    The ride up was pleasant and the GP was fun... sunday was cloudy and the forecast for monday was clouds and possible showers.

    Headed off monday and got just about 30kms past Yass and it started raining. Oh.. bugger.. better drag out the one piece waterproof oversuit.


    I ended up riding from just south of Yass to about 150 kms from Melbourne in old fashioned heavy leathers (with no waterproofing).

    About 500 kms of _heavy_ rain. The leathers absorbed that much water I felt like I had suddenly gained 15kg... when I got off the bike to fuel it and went into the garage to pay I left a puddle on the floor that just spread and spread as the water ran off me.

    I went into mcdonalds in Albury for food (and hot coffee) and got told "You can't come in here like that!" "You are leaving water all over the flood... *Mop!*"

    I ended up convincing them that I could eat in the uncovered outside area (since that was being rained upon anyway) *sigh* wet burger... wet chips... the drink was ok ;-)

    I finally got home and it took me 30 mins to get the glued on wet leathers off... then went and lay in a warm bath for an hour.

    The leathers were still damp a week later.