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how well does it work?!..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BoogieMan, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. So I've scored a puncture right, rear wheel, nice big nail, been there for a while.Yet only recently the tyre has developed a slow leak....

    Now, as it's a shaft drive and the tyre will soon be up for replacing... shoudl I try one of those 'puncture repair in a can' things?.... will it still seal if the nail is still there.... it's goign to be too expensive to get the wheel off JUST for the puncture and Basically I'm looking for a bandaid..... at least til I finish with the type....

    Any thoughts?

  2. leave the nail in and use the can?

    Dunno, thoughts? would it leave a mess on the rim?
  3. If you are about to replace the tyre, do it now. Problem solved
  4. The repair kits are only a "last you to the next tyre place" solution. Most of them recommend that you don't exceed a certain speed and weight once you have used it on your tyres.

    I second MVrog, I'd get it replaced now.
  5. Ditto; if the budget is up to it, replace it now.
  6. +1

    Those cans are like space-saver spare tyres; only designed as a stop-gap measure and are not meant to be used for day or weeks on end.
  7. Just swap it with the left, rear wheel :LOL: :p
  8. how would you go with a mushroom plug? where you pull the nail out, stick some sticky stuff in it and it seals it? good for a temporary measure
  9. Get a rope plug in it, but go to a regular tyre place, where they won't try to tell you how dangerous they are and sell you a $250 tyre that just happen to have in stock and can fit right now!
    Don't use the shit in a can, it makes tyre removal and replacement a nightmare.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Simple replace your tyre or get it fixed properly or maybe fall on your ass :wink: Try getting that fixed cheap :shock:
  11. It is only 35 bucks to get a plug, if you can't afford the new tyre right now get a plug it isn't much.
  12. ..bbbut dont plugs cause cancer and malformed offspring?? :p :LOL:


    i'd plug it too :)
  13. Don't use the stuff in the can - it roots the inside of the tyre and makes it unpluggable,.

  14. HAHA Clever!!!!! :p

    Cheers for the input everyone... Replacing the tyre was high on the list, just seems a shame to replace a tyre that still has tread on it :p ... I was just curious as I have a can of the stuff and wondered how long it could work.... but it seems my options are few.

  15. Puncture

    Rope type plugs are un-roadworthy for road use in Victoria & have been for a while. In 20 years in the tyre industry I've seen them fall out & leak. The worst is the tyre is not taken off the rim to inspect the inside for run-flat damage & I've seen a few where the internal cording was destoyed with rope plugs fitted. How much is your life worth?
  16. Re: Puncture

    I have to agree, I would plug it to get it to the shop, and replace it.
  17. Re: Puncture

    ...and with 72000kms on the roads so far this year, the danger of being PRESENT on the road and being involved in a fatal accident is as/if not more common. want to ride your bike on our roads...how much is your life worth?
    everything has its risks, over-analysis of what any of us consider to be reasonably foreseeable would stop us from doing anything at all :!:
  18. Jeez, lucky all the rope plugs I've used over the years have held.....for up to 25k kms.......FFS.........
    "Oh my god, they're unsafe cause some fcukwit drove for 300kms on a flat tyre, had it plugged and the tyre delaminated, the plug caused it".
    WHat a huge pile of steaming bullshit.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. bought a new bike. on a long weekend got puncture with 600km on the rear.

    mushroom plug on the monday- was told to get a new tyre asap. too dangerous etc.

    rode on said tyre for 8075km.

    yes, i was not for a second ever concerned about the plug.

    I was concerned about the shthead mechanic ripping the tyre off my brand new bike - so i ripped it right up him.

    never did buy that replacement tyre from them.

    went to someone else, bought the tyre i needed. plug was still in tact, and unmovable.

    done properly and with care, mushroom and rope style plugs can last for a long time - it is always best to replace an older tyre though - the tread is whats important - not plugging a baldie.
  20. Be a real man, and do a big ripping burnout, in front of all of your mates. That will get rid of that nasty excess tread. Then go and buy a newie. Your mates may even chip in a bob or two, for the entertainment.