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How well did your gear protect you???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rolly16, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I am currently conducting a research project for the last year of high school. My main intention of this research is to discover how effective motorcycle gear is in protecting a rider from injury. From the data gathered from you guys, I plan to analyse the effects of certain products.

    As well as assisting in my research, I hope this post benefits other riders in determining what products work well and what products to stay away from.

    So, down to business!
    If you had unfortunately fallen of your motorcycle, post a picture of your gear showing how well or how not so well it had done its job.
    What happened?
    The Product?
    Circumstances (speed,conditions,etc.)?
    Your opinion on the effectiveness of the product:

    I absolutely understand if you are not willing to contribute to this post for reasons such as still being horrified at a past experience.
    Please note that the contents of this post will be used in my research.
    Thank you!
  2. Firstly, you must keep in mind that the potential injury a rider may face in a crash is highly variable. You may tumble on the ground at speed rather than slide, and you may slide along the road until a stop or there may be objects in the way...

    To business: Slipped on oil, on a corner, around 70kmh.

    Boots: SMX4 - Minor scuffs. Not much to report.

    Gloves: A* SP - Took the damage on the palm as its supposed to. Its reinforced along the pinky finger which is why I bought them.

    Helmet: No damage, kept my head off the ground.

    Knee pads: Axo total movement knee protection - As you can see my clothing pants perforated where my knee hit the ground, so the pads saved me from a nasty impact there.

    Jacket: Shift SR1 - Excellent protection. Excellent forearm protection, both abrasion and impact. I slid mostly on my forearms.

    Interestingly, despite having some first hand experience, Ive become less ATAGATT oriented and more skills oriented. Shit Ive been wearing only clothing pants all summer.

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  3. ill post up picks later but ive had 2 lower speed offs.

    1st a car pulled infront of me i grabbed to much front brake and ended up over the handlebars and rolling down the road.

    Boots: i was wearing nikes they got a tad ****ed up but my feet/ankles were fine luckily.

    Gloves: a pair of rjays things not much damage just broke a few stitches.

    Helmet: some cheapy thing all scratched up the whole way around so i guess i rolled a little bit.

    Jacket: shark leathers jacket held up very well. just a few scratches.

    Pants: i was wearing average jeans.. no visable damage.

    2nd (ive got video if that helps ive just gotta work out how to shorten it and upload it)
    just lowsided in the wet.

    Boots: nikes again just a little skuff

    Gloves: alpinestars gppro i think red and white just a few skuffs.

    Helmet: aria vector 2 no damage kept my head up thank god.

    Jacket: same jacket just added a few more scratches

    Leather pants : main damage is to the knee slider so no big deal and a little skuff on the leg.

    as for my physical damage in both incidences i was fine. a little sore here and there but nothing to bad. the worst was the second crash a bit of gravel rash on my hip bone wear my jacket lifted up the jacket and pants were zipped together but it still happend.

  4. Where would you like me to start.
    NK and I were only talking yesterday about it. They work that well you don't even know you have hit your head.
    I low sided turn one at QR, around a buck eighty as I had just come out of the pits. Yes totally my fault. Anywho a broken hip did not help. But I had no idea I had smashed my head till they showed me my otherwise brand new X11.
    When I plowed the Bewah last year I had no idea I was out cold for a minute or two. Still got concussion but it wasn't too bad. Quick spew and a bit of a headache. But as I sheared my calf muscle a little headache was nothin.
    When I raced MX I had a big aerial off. I had a chest and back protector on. Didn't break a bone. But tore the four ligaments holding your chest cavity to your spine...that hurts.
    Never broken a leg, foot or toe as I always usually wear good boots and knee braces, when playing hard.
    So thirty odd years of playing hard and racing at the track I have one broken hip.
    Riding on the road...El squidy........ I got a few aches and pains
  5. Haha you just love an excuse to post that pic, dontcha Bretto?!
    Here's another for the mix - happened in January when I lost it in some oil on a roundabout. I should have highsided but I'm a stubborn bugger and my knees weren't letting go of the tank, so I "went low on the high side", if that makes sense...
    So, from the bottom up:

    Boots: Alpinestars Goretex waterproofs. Hardly a scuff on them, but I managed to fracture the 5th metatarsal of my left foot because it got jammed between the engine and the road.

    Jeans: Motolegion (1st generation) kevlar jeans, with Motodry pants over the top. Neither sustained any damage at all, but I copped a bruised femur that was quite painful for about a week.

    Upper body: no protection at all. I was wearing a t-shirt with a Motodry waterproof jacket on top. The t-shirt is fine, but I shredded the back of the jacket sliding along the road, and put the elbow out of it where I landed. Grazed elbow healed in a week or less.

    Gloves: Alpinestars "Adventure" textile gloves, totally inappropriate for the road but comfortable in hot or wet weather. No damage at all - I've learnt to get on my back and cross my arms across my chest, "coffin style". Hands were both fine too, obviously...

    Helmet: AGV Stealth, 4 years old and overdue for replacement. Like Bretto says, this is the one that amazes me most. I knew my head hit the ground, because I felt/heard it. It didn't hurt a bit and I remember thinking at the time that "that's not so bad at all!". I thought the helmet was OK for weeks, but still planned to replace it.
    It's far from OK! In good light last week I found 2 decent sized cracks in the shell - one from the side impact, and one on the back from the slide. Not that I needed it, but this was an awesome lesson in how helmets actually work.

  6. Too be fair, would plain leather pants WITHOUT armour be much different in this situation?
  7. Yeouch, not to pry too much, but did the kevlar jeans tear or did your skin and kneecap basically burst on impact?
  8. I've never seen leathers without armour... :s

    But yes it was from impact, the lovely green barina you see in the pics!
    Hate to use stereotypes but Chinese driver on international licence...
  9. And the nominees for the 'most cringeworthy injury' are...

  10. You must be quite young then (or maybe I'm old :shock:). Armour has only been in common use on the road for maybe 20 years (if that). Even now, there are still non-sport type leather jeans around with no temperfoam in them.
  11. Ive got a 1980's? BMW full suit lying around. It has no armour of any kind, but the leather is really top notch. Very large sections of pure leather, no joins. Could also function well in a gay parade.
  12. Sounds about right for 1980s. I first heard of armour (for purposes other than stuff like MX) in 1987 when Matt Oxley, the then editor of Performance Bikes, wrote a piece extolling its virtues. Mr Oxley was, at the time, a reasonably serious racer so he was talking about moderately upmarket track gear. More and more race suits started getting pockets for armour round about then but it was a few years before anything much became available in modestly priced road gear. The first instance I remember was in the impact areas of denim jackets c1990 or so.
  13. wow, thank you fennell for sharing the experience. i noticed your hand/fingers got damaged quite badly aswell, was it just the stitching or did the leather wear through? did you have a pic of those?
  14. My hand was sandwiched between my brake lever and some part of the vehicle. Tore the glove off my hand, its a pressure wound not a slide.
    And yes the gloves were on tight, including the wrist strap bit.

    I now have a skin graft on the middle finder "pad" I guess you'd call it (see pics) and the index finger is about 10mm shorter than the other hand :(

    No pictures of the gloves sorry, it split the two fingers open at the seams, but judging by the damage to my hand there was probably a fair bit of pressure there...
  15. My Kangaroo leathers don't have Armor sewn into them. I wear a web armor top underneath them.
    The leather is only 2.5mm thick so it is really hard to sew the crap into them.
  16. 3 offs at three very different speeds - (sorry no pics).

    20kmh, I was wearing a leather jacket, boots, gloves and denim jeans and the bike basically fall over. I had grazing on my left elbow and left knee with a hole in the jeans.

    120kmh. I was wearing leather pants (no armour), driRider jacket (armour in shoulders and elbows), boots and gloves. I low sided and slide down the road on my back. Damage to me was (other than pride) zero. The jacket did it's job but was shredded. Every thing else was just a bit scuffed and scraped.

    60kmh. I was wearing leather pants and jacket (no armour in either) and high sided then slide for a bit in to a drainage ditch. Got gravel rash where the pants and jacket parted company, bruised ribs, bruised knees and a sore back (although I think that was from picking the bike up and pushing it out of the drainage ditch by myself - adrenaline is wonderful stuff).

    My wife had an off at 100kmh. She was wearing a Motodry textile jacket, denim jeans, colorado boots, FIVE gloves and Arai Helmet. She lost control in gravel and ran off the road into a drainage ditch. Helmet was stuffed, jeans had a hole in the knee, jacket was fine as were the gloves and boots (well they were until the paramedics took to them with a pair of scissors). Damage to her. Broken left scafoid, tore a tendon and part of the bone away from her rigt thumb and lost a bit of skin of her right knee.
  17. Knees of my tiger angel pants after sliding down the road. My leg was caught under the bike and I hit a kerb. Walked away so they worked.

  18. 6/1/2012. Left hand turn, approx 40kmh, hit oil, front wheel slipped and standard low side. I slid 10-15 metres on my back and left side.

    Helmet: Nolan N102. Undamaged as I kept my head off the ground as I was sliding.
    jacket. Dririder speed textile jacket. Torn up left arm, elbow and back.
    pants. Dri rider summit pro. Torn up bum and left leg.
    Shoes. Icon tarmacs. Bit of scuffing on the back of the heels, but ok.

    Injuries. No bruising or injuries except for a 20cent piece sized gravel rash on my left elbow where the elbow armor shifted in the jacket while sliding. It did its job for impact when I landed but then shifted while sliding.
    No leg injuries or bruising at all but I put that down to the genuine kawasaki crash knobs I have on my 2011 er-6n. They hit the ground giving my legs space between bike and road.

    I picked the bike up, bent the gear change lever back into a usable condition and kept going. Insurance replaced the jacket and pants, repairs to the bike where about $3900.