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How waterproof are you?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dammit, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Living in QLD, there is often Sh1tloads of rain...

    I'm sure there are many different ways and systems people have to keep dry when riding, what works for you?

    I bought a dririder jacket, got a air mesh type one so I wouldn't get too hot, but when it has its waterproof lining it, obviously it isn't breatheable and is way too hot. It hasn't poured when i've had it in but I suspect it is not fully waterproof.

    I mostly wear kevlar jeans, which obviously aren't waterproof.

    When it rains I have been wearing my jacket without its waterproof lining, and kevlar pants, and putting a rain suit on over the top (2 piece), this so far seems to be the best way, only that the pants are too short and I end up with the bottom 30cm of my jeans drenched, and shoes too. My gloves (RJays Bandit) are leather perforated and only cover my hands, don't go up my arms at all, so there is usually a 3-4cm gap between gloves end and jacket sleeves.

    I was thinking about buying some waterproof pants such as Dririder Vortex pants, apparently it zips in the bottom of the jacket (not sure what the point of this is for safety or waterproofing). But they are $300. Maybe I'd be better getting a 1 piece rain suit, or a different 2 piece rain suit, and just have normal gear and then whip out the raincoat when it starts raining?

    Does everyone just let their feet get a bit wet or have waterproof boots? What about hands? just let them get wet through your gloves? How do you stop the rain going down your neck from between your helmet end and jacket start?

    The other problem I have is when at work I often have to go out to meetings. Most of the time I'm happy to ride around the CBD with no safety gear. At my meetings I need to be wearing business slacks and business shirt. Changing when I get there isn't an option. So should I just wear raincoat/suit over the top of work clothes? I am 6 foot tall and my work shoes tend to get wet when I do this, should I have some big gumboots or something to put over the top of them, I can keep my work shoes in my top box (35L) and wear gumboots or something and change them when I get to my meeting?? How does everyone deal with the rain?

    Obviously I don't care if I get a little wet, just don't want to turn up to work or meetings looking like a drowned rat. At work I can have showers and get into work clothes /changed at work.
  2. Hmm, jumped in my pool the other day and my skin kept all the water out as long as I kept my mouth shut... :p

    Seriously though, it has to be tough riding trying to keep business atire looking good..
    Being QLD most things that would keep you dry enough would also make it quite hot and sticky...

    Good luck with it all..

  3. I don't tend to worry about it. Not being a smartarse, if you're on a long ride you'll either get wetter (nothing is 100% waterproof) or dry out if it stops raining. If you're commuting, take some dry clothes in a backpack for work.
  4. Ok, I have been trying to figure this out for near on 10 years now from the commuting side. Tried the 2 piece rain gear, tried the one piece hurricane. Tried the waterproof jacket and dririder pants. Here is the problem in QLD summer. If you dont wear wet weather gear in the wet, you get wet. If you do wear wet weather gear in the wet, you still get wet.

    My current arrangement is for torrential rain only. If it looks like rain, I will put my sailing trousers in the top box or bag (they beat any motorcycle wet weather gear). I will also wear a water proof jacket. As long as I get to work reasonably dry I am happy. If I get wet going home, I dont care.

    The last thing I do, is keep a change of clothes at work. That way if all goes to shit, at least I know I can get changed!
  5. I have worked as an instructor and postie for the last ten years.
    I ride every week day for at least five hours a day.
    Nothing that is livable is waterproof.
    Garbage bags keep what you need dry if you seal them right.
    A rashy...aka what I wear in the surf. A simple top that keeps you warm when your wet to the bone.
    Simple throw away latex gloves under my riding gloves.
    My head seems to keep dry cause I will only buy a decent helmet.
    Same goes for my feet. Good boots are invaluable when you need them.
    And if you keep your hands, feet and head dry...you stay pretty warm. With the rashy all bloody good.
    Never seem to get cold legs as they are out of the breeze and rain usually.
  6. Back in the 80's I had a 1-piece Gortex rain suit which at the time cost a small fortune. apart from the extremities (feet & hands), I remained dry even in a long term downpour. Bloody fantastic on a wet winter's day! Haven't seen (or noticed) them sold since that era though - pity I let them go with the bike when I sold it on orders from the ex-financial officer.

    These days I simply use a R-Jay rain top and pants (lined so I can actually pull 'em over leather pants successfully when the need arises) which suffice in most conditions and pack a damn sight smaller than the Gortex suit ever did. I also have a Husky day-glow yellow jacket (provided by my work) which keeps the water off the body but the sleeves seem to let in water.
  7. The big problem with most of Queensland is it's pouring and still 28 degree.
    While you might be dry your sweating like a pig in most rain gear.
    The gortex are the shizzle but even they are only so good. Instructed in Kitzbuel for three seasons. Still had a few times I was wet to the butt cheek in minus temp. Yuck...but the chicks dig it lol.