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how was your year

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Phanoongy, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. It was one of the best years in my life

  2. It was an ok year…but ive had better

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  3. It was a bad year…but ive had worst

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  1. Its just about the end of the year, did you have a good or bad year? Did you get that new bike that made your year, or did you fall off and ruin that good feeling by having to spend time in hospital?

  2. Lots of ups and downs for me this year.
    One of the better things i did during the year was finally getting my learners, a bike and joining this forum.
  3. fcuking brilliant! The best year I've had in the last five.

    I've had quite a bit of financial difficulty since returning from London to NZ in 2000 as the work scene in my industry (freelance graphics/web etc) has been so up and down...I am also an entrepeneur so have put alot of time into what have to date been failed business plans.

    this caused me to leave NZ after 2 1/2 years of struggle, then Melbourne after much of the same....in contrast I have had a very productive year since moving to Sydney in January.

    AND I have finally gotten into bikes which is something I have always wanted to do :grin:
  4. Good topic Phanoongy,

    I had an ok year.

    I sincerely wish that all you guys I know and have met have a safe & prosperous 2006.

    I firmly believe in New Year celebrations and New Year resolutions, so please go out there put the past behind you and welcome in the new year with a positive vibe.
    If possible get some loving done, and if you can also take a gamble and have a monetary win, these are guaranteed ways to get your new year running hot and in the right direction.
  5. Mine was pretty ordinary,

    Work was pretty boring. Then I didn't get the rise I felt I deserved at review time, then a few weeks before christmas I was made redundent.

    Still I got to see my beutiful daughter grow through her first year (she was born December last year), which was great and something I'll never get to do again.
  6. mine was up then down all year all in all wasnt to bad.


    while im at it

  7. meh, it was allright.

    Crashed cars and bikes.
    Psyco girl
    My eye sight is going ?
    Brother is drug fcuked
    Im getting old and my job sucks :cool:

    Good things, meeting some new people.
    Banged a few girls this year and my confidence has gone up alot.
  8. I am alive !!

    It was friggin excellent, who can ask for more than being here at the end of it. I know some who ain't.

    Why are humans so dumb, we all know from an early age we are destined to die so why do so many waste their lives complaining and bitching.

    We are all destined to die, some of us choose to live.
  9. :applause: thats the way mate :LOL:
  10. Davo takes notes: bang some more girls next year

    oops "what is that dear, you want me to wash the car"
  11. Pretty crappy 1st 1/2 of the year but then I got my promotion at work, got my bike, got my L's & got out on the road.

    :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Then with 2 days until the year's over, I go and stuff it up by crashin!!!! :?

    Spose, at least the middle of the year was good.....

    Here's hopin 2006 is my best year by far!!!! And that I stay upright....hehehe

    Have an awesome night tonight guys & gals and I hope 2006 is a great oe for you all!!!!

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. It's been a big year.

    We did up the house we'd been living in for 18 years and auctioned it (scary).

    Bought a new house that we're really happy with.

    It's been a pretty good year at work.

    The kids are going okay, and the elder one survived a whole school term away from home.

    Work's okay.

    And last month I racked up my anniversary of getting about on 2 wheels - yay!
  13. This year has seen lots of ups and downs for me too. More ups though and the last 2 months have been fantastic for me ;) Have to say, been one of the best years :grin:
  14. About the best year of my life so far ;)

    Our first child was born :) He's healthy, and happy, and lots of fun.

    Lots of other good things, and of course a few bad ones as well - but a great year overall.
  15. A great year.

    In March, after years of nagging from brother, and 20 years away from motorcycling, I bought the Hornet.

    Everything else has been good, I have my health, a loving wife, two terrific adult children, I'm still able to change jobs at 56 and have more than one offer available, AND I have made more friends in 9 months on Netrider than I have made in years by any other means.

    So thank you to you all, and a Happy New Year to you all...
  16. was a bit of a big year for me... finished uni, finished with my current job, broke up with a gf, looking at moving overseas.. yeh :?
  17. twas a good year, but 06 is going to be better .....
  18. My son was born in May, first child, so definitely best year of my life.

    Only downer was boky's death a few days ago.
    Put a bit of a dampener on things.
  19. Has been a difficult year for me, my mother who has been the general manager of the family busines was diagnosed with cancer and she's no longer working there, which has put more work load on me reducing the time I can spend with my family.

    On the upside her chemo seems to be working well and we hold good hopes at this point in time :)

    A year of ups and downs for us...
  20. just another year with all the ups and downs tht come with it .
    lets just hope this year has more ups than downs. :)