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How was your first ride ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fishyben, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. I pick my bike up from peter stevens next week :grin: it's about 25Kms from there to my house, the only riding i'v done is on the rider safe course in adelaide :) and i just wanted to know how have other people got on picking thier bikes up with very little experience under thier belts ?

  2. :LOL: First time i rode a bike other than doin the L's course was when i bought my zzr from melbs...

    I live in sydney but was on holidays in albury/wodonga so i had a mate drive me down to pick it up. Wasnt a bad ride back, i just took it easy and followed me mate back. Only thing i remember that bothered me was i wished i had a bit more power under me but it wasnt too bad.

    Then i rode it back up here to sydney after the holidays. The highway stuff was easy, its the low speed stuff that took me a while to get good at.

    Just take it easy and youll be fine mate, maybe take someone along for the journey...
  3. I did my learners course...
    I test rode a couple of bikes at dealers...
    Then i bought my first baby private sale and rode it home through a damn hail storm over the West Gate Bridge!!!

    Take it easy, do the back streets and slowly bring yourself up to speed. There's plenty of time to learn.
  4. First time i rode a bike it was my Hodaka 100 and i held the clutch + full revs and let the clutch out - me on my arse and my shiny chrome mud guard all bent abd shredded from the road.
  5. And you thought this was a good idea because ...?
  6. My first bike - umm I wussed out badly and had my partner at the time ride it home and then I went and practised quietly on a disused piece of road. Ben, do you have a friend who can arrange to meet you at Peter Stevens and ride home with you for a bit of moral support and take you on a more sedate route - if that is what you would prefer? You will love it just take deep breaths and relax.
  7. I picked up my first bike 2 weeks and a day ago brand new ER6-n in the pouring rain with high winds and i was scared outa my mind. The combination of slippery new tyres and inexperience was a real eye opener as this the was the most powerful bike i had ridden. What didn't help was the cops tailgating me in the pouring rain for about 10km waiting for me to stuff up or the coutless times i was cut of by rude people who decided to go 30 km/h over the speed limit cos it was raining. But hey it's all good I made it home in the end.
  8. I picked up my bike and rode it 50km home in afternoon traffic.
    60km felt bloody fast, I was scared :LOL:
    You only get to do 20km in the L's course which is too slow.

    Some retards in a fully sik hyundai with P plates tried to race me, such loosers :roll:
    Do they seriously think four males driving around in a chick car playing gay nightclub music will attrack girls?

    First ride is such a buzz, it feels great
  9. When i picked up my first bike, i had to take it on citylink to get home.

    It ended up konking out on me just before the bolte bridge, having thought i had just bought a lemon and everything i ended up getting it off the freeway to find out that i had the fuel tap off.

    By that time i had a flat battery and had to wait an hour for a friend to arrive with jumper leads. About 40 mins into waiting, i thought of roll starting it...started fine and finally got it home after stuffing arond for about 4 hours.

    Just take it easy and don't rush, and you'll be fine.
  10. Not sure there was much thinking involved, i was about 8...

    Now that i think about it more carefully that was my second ride, some time before that the neighbors had this little Indian 50cc and they let me have a go, but i had no idea, held ot flat out and went straight into a bunch of trees and nearly ripped my throat out on the branches...
  11. 1st time i ever rode was from surrey hills to doncaster when i picked up my bike, I was shitting myself thinking i was travelling at warp speed when i was probably doing 10kms under the speed limit.
  12. Thanks for your encouraging words guys, I’ll probably be pooping my draggin’s as the standard of driving from the average Adelaide cager is slightly less then my 3 year old son in his plastic tiny tikes car :shock:
    But I am looking forwards to getting out on two wheels at last..
    Ben [-o<
  13. Just take it easy and try to plan the pickup for the quietest time of day, if you fel you need a break there is nothing stopping you from pulling over for a few minutes just to shake off some of the nerves.
  14. Mt first ride was an eyeopener..

    i did q ride, got my bike, test rode it about 2km, we took the ute an collected it.
    Got home my ex says want to go for a ride.. I said ok..

    He took me over Mt Tamborine, an extremely bumpy tight twisty road full of idiot car drivers!

    Talk about baptism of fire..
  15. My first ride was on a hired 110cc scooter somewhere in Thailand. My brother and his mate Roo Boy and I hired a couple of little hondas for 6 bucks each, and had no idea what levers and pedals did what.

    I knew what the twistgrrip did though so we wobbled off into a carpark where we spent 10 minutes figuring out how to get into second gear and working out where the brakes were.

    Then we headed out on a buggered-up, bumpy, potholed Thai highway in our thongs and shorts and singlets (no helmets of course) and I have a photo I took of Roo Boy riding next to me and making a funny face at 100kmh.

    I still kak myself thinking about how stupid that was... The traffic over there is bananas, the roads are shocking and we had no safety gear or clue what we were doing.

    I was immediately in love though!
  16. I had arranged to pick up my brand new bike from Jeffrey Honda, couldnt bring myself to jump straight out on to Burwood Hwy so just putted about the local streets for a bit to get used to the bike, then out onto the hwy... wow was doin 80 felt like 150 wow the wind nobody told me bout that! cars everywhere crappin my pants but at the same time lovin every second !! Will never forget my first ride home :grin: Just take it easy get comfortable with the bike dont do anything u dont feel up to and good luck !!
  17. Scary! Once I got the L's I wanted an old cheap ride to go for my Ps'. So I bought this Suzuki GN250 for just over thousand bucks from a guy on the north shore. This meant I had to collect this old, unfamiliar bike and ride it back home across the harbour bridge, across the city... in the regular day traffic.

    If I'd run that distance I don't think I'd be as tired and sweaty as I was after that ride!
  18. Haha, i did the same thing. It was conking out on me after a couple of corners and the heart sank as i'd just handed over the wad of cash.

    Had cops pull up next to me and then i realised. Didn't help it was a kick start.
  19. I had an accident in HART learns course, so i was still a little gun-shy, plus I had never ridden above 25km/h so the whole speed and stopping deal had me nervous.

    I conned a co-worker to ride to the SE suburbs of Melb to bring it all the way through town to the NW suburbs.

    Then as I learned to ride on side steets at faster and faster speeds, I terrorized all the kiddies and mom's in my neighbourhood since there was a pre-school and primary school accross the street from my house.

    Just take it easy.... I don't know about doing the hail storm over the west gate bridge on your first try :grin: (very funny btw)

  20. hmmm new bike


    Picked up my new shiny GT250 from Peter Stevens on Thursday, up untill then I had only ridden a bike at the learner's course, 20kmh for about 2 hours total!

    Pulling out onto the budy dandenong roads just as all the factories closed was a bit of a worry. :eek: Stalled as I left and then adopted the principle of not doing anything too scary. That meant riding an extra 15kms on the way home :grin:

    Just take it easy and use the clutch, I rode on freeways, back streets, dirt road and made it home in one piece. I have now done about 300kms already this weekend, it doesn't take long before you get used to it. :cool:

    Don't worry the worst that will is you will stall it, I did it 3 times ont he way home. :oops: :oops: :oops: