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How was the Advanced Course (NSW)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Panthus, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Has anyone done the Advanced riding course through Stay Upright out at Oran park?

    If so, how was it?
  2. Yeah I'd be interested to know what others thought also.
  3. Im also pretty interested to know... They say that the Advanced course is for anyone, of any experience and that the Intermediate course is for those who have completed their L's and P's training. So not too sure which course to actually try first?
  4. So noone has any feedback on this course?

    What about the corner and braking course? Anyone?

    Both courses are always booked out so it's crazy no-one has.
  5. I have done it at Broadford, great course. I'm now booked in to do the Braking and Cornering mid Dec. If you are contemplating doing a course then the Advanced rider one is worth the money (and more).
  6. Was that through Stay Upright?

    I have a gift voucher for the course and i'm just waiting for one to become available but i thought i would ask others.

    I'm keen to do the cornering and braking too.
  7. Sure was. Gift voucher... bonus :) Somebody likes you. Personally I think it has helped my riding in many ways, I feel more confident even in day to day riding.
  8. Stay Upright reccommend doing the Advanced before their Cornering and Braking. I agree with them after doing both. Like port80, I've done my StayUpright at Broadford. Enjoyed it so much went back for a second go at the cornering and braking the next year. I think I have my braking sortrf now.
    You will learn something..there are lots of finer points they touch on. And you can have a fang, without worrying about getting booked as a bonus.
  9. Im also looking at these courses .

    I was talking to the guys at the bike show and they said either course it good ,better to do the intermediate course first and no matter how good you are you will get a lot out of it.
    And he said ,the intermediate course is run at about 60-100kph and it's on a Go kart track more corners and more fun.
    Advanced is the same sort of course ,just at higher speeds 100+ ,and not as much corners ,but higher speed fun.
    Can't remember the exact price but around $250 ,that pretty cheap. :grin:
  10. My P's instructor at Clyde recommended going straight to the Advanced course after a few months riding and skipping the intermediate course, so thats what I'm doing! Booked in at Oran Park in a few weeks time.
  11. I did the advanced course at Oran Park around 18 months ago. It is a definite must do that all riders should be encouraged to do. It will give you heaps of new skills and correct any bad habits you may have fallen into. I've been riding since I was five (27 years) and I got heaps out of it (especially correcting my MANY bad habits). If you are off your P's and got things going pretty well, I would skip the intermediate course and go straight to the advanced. It as also just a great chance to fang around Oran Park short course (under controlled conditions of course!). Also a good chance to meet people with similar interests too. good luck with it. Oh yeah, I was just looking at insurance through insuremyride, and if you do the course, you may well get a discount on your insurance too.
  12. Yeah i remember my p's instructor at clyde said the same thing as well.

    Was it an older guy? Kinda gruff but friendly? I can't remember his name. He was tough but fair.

    Anyway, yeah i am definatly doing the advanced. No-one has said anything bad so that's great. I'm looking forward to it more so now :grin:

  13. Nah, younger guy, Andrew I think, also tough but fair (maybe they are trained to be that way? :) )

  14. haha yeah most likely. Trained to say the same things too it appears.

    Maybe they are androids!

    I'm bored, imagination is going a bit far

  15. i did the corner/braking course when i trained as a posty many moons ago.
    it was tops! the theory side made good sense and corrected some bad habits i had. but the prac was literally..get on a posty bike that had only front brakes, onto the motoX track and go for broke with the rest of the crew for the arvo!
    yeah, it taught me not to 'grab' the front anchors i guess.
  16. Do it! I did a writeup, do a search.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. I did the course out at Oran Park yesterday. It was great fun,

    I thought it followed on from the Provisional course really well, i.e. emergency braking at higher speeds, obstacle avoidance at higher speeds, high speed cornering and a little bit of low speed work.

    Had the most fun with the cornering, really improved the way I look through corners and the lines I take which makes fast corners feel much easier and smoother.

    Need to work on my throttle blipping and make sure I always keep my head up when coming to a stop.