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How Vic water tells us BS

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Just some interesting news,...

    Interesting that this water crisis in Melbourne has dropped off the media's attention as an act of convenience.
    After checking some reliable sites we find that the offical government story on our dam levels is not as dire as they publish to the public.

    You can observe the direct amount of rainfall every five minutes in several sites (but the one below has public access here in Melb. Where they do not correlate to totals by the end of the month as for official sites. And yes have also checked if these are in catchement areas.


    We have received about 12mm in just the last 12 hours, and all in key catchment areas.
    The key message here is that we get plenty of water in Melb, just poor distribution and catchement management. But of course, we the public are to blame! :roll:

  2. :nail:
    Very poor distribution !!
    Lake EIldon is used to supply farmers with water needed to irrigate their crops etc..
    re: GMW site "On average, 91% of water released from Lake Eildon is diverted for irrigation purposes and the lake supplies about 60% of water used in the GMID. The capacity of Lake Eildon has been designed to allow for irrigation supplies to be provided over at least two drought seasons. On its release from Lake Eildon, water flows down the Goulburn River to Goulburn Weir where it is diverted north-east via the East Goulburn Main Channel and north-west via the Stuart Murray and Cattanach Canals. The Stuart Murray and Cattanach Canals transfer water to Waranga Basin, an off-stream storage serving the western part of the Goulburn system including part of the domestic and stock system. From Waranga Basin water is transferred further westwards via the Waranga Western Channel. This channel is capable of supplying water as far as Ouyen, some 600 km from Lake Eildon."
    However what they dont tell us is this : aprox 2/3 of the water is LOST on its way down through seepage, run-off etc... ie to supply a farmer with 3 Megalitres of water, 9 ML must be released. GREAT EH !! :roll:
    Lake Eildon is at 24.5% of capacity ATM >> there goes the skiing season for another summer! :evil:
    :shock: :shock:
  3. is that because of poor pipe maintenance? i thought the whole point of privatising our utilities (don't get me fkn started) was to fix this sorta stuff.
  4. Our 2 local reservoirs are much lower than that :(

    Cairn Curran is at 7.5% (which means a 5 knot limit).

    Lake Eppalock is at 4.8% (under 5% means no boating at all).
  5. sigh, sad thing is you can basically plot this route on google earth. It literally goes in a circle (edit sort of) before getting to farmers.
  6. :shock: :shock:
    This only re-confirms what we are all told .. water reserves ARE low !!!
  7. What are you smoking PP.

    You can see the same rain fall figures at the BOM for each observation station - it's just not graphed:


    is the link for my local weather observation station and at the moment it says laverton had 16mm of rain.

    And you can see the water storage levels for the last 10 years here:


    plus individual levels on the website too... so what is this conspiratorial flavour to your point??

    Storage levels are low. That's the truth of the matter.
  8. PP When ever i read your content on climate it all just sounds like
    Why? because you draw conclusions from unreputable sources and claime wild numbers without really paying attention to the broader issues.

    could some of our current problems be about catchment managment ? YES!
    But those same catchments used to get greater water levels than they do now. So yes we could use our water more wisely (I believe they should legislate for all irigation drains to be covered for one).

    what you will find (If you care to look) is that most people who have an oppinion on climate change also have an opinion on Resource managment. Both factors are being taken into account by those who actually do there reaserch.

    solving either issue indipendently will not be a solution to the problem, we need to look at both issues.

    But feel free to stick to your bandwagon.
  9. The whole point of privatising utilities is so that it's not the governments fault any more...
  10. What's your point PP?

    Do we have 40.2% water in our dams or not?
  11. My apologies, the site I have linked shows only a representation of Melb Cities rainfall. The other sites I have access from government intra-net sites, raw data that does not correlate with inputs to dam levels that they directly impact as some adjustments are made.

    They report an amount minus a ‘fixed reserve’ value for each dam. The % you see are actually under the reported levels.

    I estimate we are about 45%-47%, but I obviously don't have a dipstick for the dam.

    There was an article a while back in the news, where the minister for environment made a comment about "if it didn't rain for 3 years, we still would have a supply for Melbourne".
    Besides re-routing supply, this strategic reserve would constitute some of it.

    Will try to locate it.
  12. Mate, I respect that you are granted an opinion! But that is all you do.

    Ok, I extrapolate and highlight some information with my own flavour, but more often than not I provide links to articles and sites that I cite. So feel free to criticise and fill in the Blah, Blah, Blah etc. etc.

    But the facts there are many qualified people who disagree with the main stream propaganda that we are fed day in day out. So even with some sarcasm, we try to let you in on it. Please check it out for yourself and if you find suitable information to address your rebuttal, happy to converse.

    So if you can link in objections in an informed manner then that’s fine.

    Im sure you will endeavour to do this.
  13. Thankfully, our water management authorities are still government owned. If they were sold off you could expect much higher rates and only breakdown maintenance.

    However, the construction and private operation of the desal plant will go to a French mob that owns Connex. Draw from that what you will...
  14. Who said in this case it is propergander?
    who said that the conter viewpoint is not the propergander...
    this is my point, you are drawing conclusions on which is valid and invalid information in a manner I would see as being inacurate.

    if you read my posts you will not I am not a big fan of following the garbage we are fed by the politicle machine we call government, but I also don't easaly subscribe to Conspiracy theories, i try to aplly a logic philter to the crap fed us by both sides of the argument. i feel you havn't done this effectivly. (I could be wrong)