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How very Freudian!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by NiteKreeper, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Did anyone else just catch the interview about Sharia on Sunrise, with Ibrahim Sadiq Conlan (sp?)?
    He was making a point about homosexuality and referred to "the story of Sodom and Gonorrhea"
    I spat my coffee...

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  2. OMG!!.... Classic ....:bannanabutt:

  3. That guy is a total loser. He should GTFO and move to Afghanistan or Iran. Wanker.
  4. How very Freudian indeed.

    Unlike for example, an Anglican minister who made the same error, he is unlikely to have it pointed out by his flock, since it is heresy to question these so-called spiritual leaders...
  5. These clowns don't even realise how stupid they are. - They want to bring in Sharia law, yet they worship a war-mongering, murdering, thieving, slave-taking pedophile. So, according them, it's righteous to maim starving children for stealing a loaf of bread (this happens every day in Somalia), but raping a 9 year old is exactly what Allah wants his followers to do.

  6. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  7. Takamii for a thread like this that's not enough popcorn... we're gonna need THIS much....

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  8. Whilst there are some particularly repulsive bits and pieces to be found in the Koran, there are also some things in the Tora and the Christian Bible that wouldn't sit well with a modern person either. The villain here (in my opinion) should not be one religion - it should be all of them.
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  9. Can we just appreciate the embarrassing slip from one individual being hateful and leave it at that? That's plenty satisfying enough ^_^
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  10. Yeah lighten up people - this is the "Jokes and Humour" section, not "Pointless arguments that go on forever and invariably descend into name-calling"...
  11. Shut up you poo poo head

  12. :rofl:
    Spat my coffee again!
    Big nose...
  13. I'm dobbing.
  14. But my invisible friend is better than yours [-(
  15. holy crap, i saw this as I walked in the door at work this morning, I thought something sounded wrong but didn't pick up on it!

    The guy was an absolute twat, though.
  16. Isn't the Pope supposed to be infallible?
  17. There, fixed it for you. well thats how I read it, while we are discussing freud.
  18. Sorry Smilee, had to correct your correction, it should read ..

    Isn't the Pope supposed to be flatulent?
  19. I thought it went: Isn't the Pope a washing machine?*
  20. I thought the Pope was still the titular leader of the Holy Roman Empire. Perhaps I was wrong...