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How tuff are GoPros

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. This tuff

    From the owner

  2. If only they had the 100,000 frames per second version :p

    I'm shocked this lived!
  3. Their terminal velocity would be relatively low. One of my instructors had his phone fall out of his pocket in freefall once, found it and it worked fine other than a cracked faceplate (old Nokia).

    But yeah, still cool :)
  4. Don't bring your physics mumbo jumbo in here!
  5. Seen a similar vid of one coming off with a guy trying to get out of a malfunction. Fell for a while, landed, fine. Not sure if it was a go pro though.

    It also reminds me of UDLOSE's vid of his gopro coming off the side of his cbr.
  6. Was the Earth okay?
  7. Where it struck… nothing grows except for corn.
  8. hmm impressive, this guy can throw his out of a plane and everything is ok, but i cant use mine in cool-cold weather without the damn thing fogging up, awesome... :)
  9. There's a thing u can get to stop it fogging up
  10. what thing is this goz? i've tried a few things and nothing seems to really work.
  11. Most electronics come with a little bag of 'silica' to absorb moisture, just harvest some of them and put them inside the waterproof housing - it should stop the fogging issue.

    GOPRO sells something specifically designed for the housing, but I'm sure it costs an arm and a leg.

    I don't have many issues with fogging on my GOPRO but, on the odd occasion I have had a problem a small bag of silica fixed the problem.
  12. And when the silica stops working just put it in the oven at low temps to dry it out.
  13. Picked up the remanants of a GoPro at QR after one of the ASBK races at the weekend.

    Was in several pieces but I think it probably would've reassembled ok, flaggie found the SD card from it later on as well.
  14. You can't feed them under a gokart, grinds them down a fair way with it between the chassi and concrete for a lap or two...

    Those GoPro brand moisture sucker-upper things are worth it. I used them in Iceland in -15 -> -5degC weather with no problems.

    Mate's compact camera fogged up, so we jammed one in the battery compartment and his camera was fine and clear 30min later.

    Expensive yes, worth it, very yes!