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How truthful r u

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gsxr1000, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Was having a look on Bikepoint.com.au today at the different bikes for sale and as most say the same thing like "always garaged" "never dropped" "never raced" I started to think how truthful are these people, how would you really know..

    well here is my version.... :wink: :wink:

    GSXR1000k4 2004 model......black, 13,000km, one owner, oggy knobs, tinted screen, carbon yoshi tri oval can, fender elimator and pick up knobs, not always garaged, always dropped, well a couple of times, one time at 180kmh in gravel, always raced especially with friends up the spurs, always ridden in the rain, has been ridden by a mature(old) experienced rider, never serviced, no service books. This bike is NOT for the faint hearted, cos you'll fall off...$18,500, wouldn't suit new buyer.....and costs a fortune to insure...
  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    i actually lol'd at this one
  3. depends on the day.. yesterday I was as truthful as a baby faced politican on the campain trail...

    today well I'm over it, takes too much energy to lie.
  4. I have a Firestorm 05 model. Only raced by my grand ma and wheelied at 150kmh by her. 4k's on the clock. Front wheel 100% tread rear 5%.
    Regretful sale cos nana wants a Hyabusa on NOS. :LOL:
  5. :rofl:
    Great one PNUT!
  6. 90 zxr 250, purchased from sumoto....
    i might never sell it if i started with that line.
  7. 91 CBR250RR
    Never dropped, never thrashed, never seen rain :)

  8. 1992 gpx250

    Always garaged (well for one night anyway), never dropped (3 times), lady owner. Runs like new (well, it does now its had an engine rebuild), no mechanical issues (*cough* as above), brand new tyres, near new chain and sprockets (well they were new last year), minor cosmetic damage (hahahahaha).
    $2 or best offer ;)
  9. haha i like
  10. You can have mine.

    2001 GPX250, gorgeous shade of yellow and purple.

    $4,500 originally, + $1,400 for new rockers and cam, minor fairing damage, new(ish) chain, fresh back tyre.

    Currently eating oil like a dying man drinks water.

    ^^ Not joking ^^
  11. mine isnt really that bad :)
    goes ok, no major issues -well not anymore- (cept the clutch is a bit stiff)
  12. love it........thats exactly what I mean..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. And I love how they put into the ads "Female/woman owner"

    And that is meant to mean what? That a girl rode it and never went above 5km/h ?
  14. I went to see a bike a few weeks ago. In the add it said 'slight crack in fairing due to mechanic overtightening', when i saw the bike the corner of the fairing was completely missing and both sides were covered in scratches.
    Dont people realise their wasteing there own time when lieing about something so obvious.
  15. lol

    THe bike I bought seems to be fairly. Still going through a shakedown period on the bike to see what kind of things it might need.

    1989 GPX250. Engine knocks a bit when cold (probably cam chain rattle) and thermostatic switch seems to be busted (currently hard wired fan switch). I've never dropped it... but I've owned it for less than a month.

    Seems pretty good so far :D but then it's still in it's shakedown period with me.
  16. 2006 CBR250RR :D
  17. (the following is a joke only - not a true representation of the authors views etc etc)

    That actually translates into "the bike has done more kms than it needed to (as the rider kept getting lost and taking the wrong turn".
    I'm sure I could continue on with something about changing gears of something...

    Honda Spada (current shape) for sale barely run-in, (less than 99,000kms). No strange noises from the engine, I know exactly what each of them means and how much each will cost to repair. Very fast bike, easily takes most people movers and vans. Excellent range on the tank means you'll be able to commute to work with only one or two petrol stops on the way.

    Would also consider stright swap for good condition ER-6f.
  18. :LOL: so funny, yet I still see them advertised like that... even ones that don't say "2006 complianced" :eek:
  19. Honda CBR 250RR looks pretty