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how to you carry a spare helment!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Raidz, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. hey, just wondering how other people carry there spare helments for other people! i just normally put it in my back pack! but then im sick of carrying my backpack around everywhere! give me some ideas cheers!

  2. mine has side bags you can put on in about 2 secs. if not that then yeah, backpack it up. Doesn't have much storage space otherwise. Some bikes i hear, like the gpx etc can fit a friggin helmet under the seat! impressive!
  3. My tank bad fits a helmut quite snugly, but I don't often carry it around.
  4. nah let them walk. you bought a bike to avoid being a taxi :evil:
  5. You are thinking about the Suzuki Across. The fuel tank on that bike is under the seat so the spot where most tanks are on a bike is a "boot". Enough to fit helmet, wallet, Maccas drive through... it is impressive.

    I have seen some people loop the extra helmet through their arm while they ride.
  6. The only way to carry the spare is on the pillions head :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Get other people to BYO - Bring Your Own helmet
    Or put it on a Ventura rack?
  8. Spare helmet goes into the Ventura bag which sits on the Ventura rack.

    A top box on a rack also works well (and can be locked up).
  9. Please dont carry a helmet in a back pack!! Coming off your bike, at even a walking pace, and landing on your back means no more walking for you!! Something that size on your back is a sure fire way to snap your spine should you fall awkwardy.

    Ocky strap it to your pillion seat, use the clip under the pillion seat, or you can buy a helmet net thingy from accessories stores to strap it to the pillion seat.
  10. some bikes have hellmet locks or hooks under the pillion seat, use that then having to lug the hellmet on your back, as said before, if you land on it then yeah your guna break your back
  11. +1

    I use a gorgeous brunette.

    Totally free up-front. Some on-going costs...
  12. and some parts are expensive :grin:
  13. not to mention depreciation :shock:

    ive seen a few people carrying a spare helmet clipped onto the helmet lock.
  14. I hang the 2nd helmet off the hook under the seat, it seems to sit there pretty well.

    I 2nd the concerns for carrying a spare helmet in ya back pack, if you managed to have a closer look at the road, you could really do some serious spine damage with a helmet strapped to your back !!

    Ive seen guys slinging the 2nd helmet off their forearms while riding, and although ive done this with my own while I move my bike from the pump to a park spot at the servo, you could almost guarentee, smashing that arm to bits if ya had an off while riding carrying a helmet this way.

    IMHO of course ;)
  15. If you've got a removeable pillion seat pad, the helmet strap may fit around that to hold it in place. Bit of extra security like a net would help, too.
  16. I hook the spare on my forearm if it's only a quick trip. Not the most comfortable and potential risky to your arm should you come off. Otherwise I have an ocky net - sit the helmet on the pillion seat and net it down. Then you only have an ocky-net to carry about and that rolls up into a pocket easily enough.
  17. I've never carried a helmet in a backpack or on my arm for the previous reasons, I don't want to be any more hurt if I happen to come off (and touch would I haven't been hurt falling off a bike to date)

    on my 250 the helmet hook/ lock was too low and the helmet would have rubbed on the chain or tire, so I got the bike lock through the strap on the helmet and put the lock under the seat in the storage area, seemed to hold there very well (as the helmet i carried around had a metal clip to do up that the bike lock went through)

    the R1 is much easier, has clips under the pinion seat to clip helmets too and keeps them well away from the tires etc, just have to see if they have clerance of the exhausts
  18. as an aside, where can i buy a helmet lock for my bike? ( honda spada ) ..

    not for the pillion, for my helmet when i go in to do the shopping ...

  19. a regular bike lock will work if you have somewhere to lock it to.

    best bet would be to try some of the bigger bike shops that have loads of accessories :) that way you can pick and choose what will be best for the application (even a padlock through a metal clip on the helmet and then around the disk or something like that on the bike would work
  20. if u lift up pillion seat most bikes which don't come with panniers will come with little hooks on the under lip of the edges of where the pillion seat clips in, there u can hook the loop on the helmet buckle onto the hook under the pillion seat!