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How to wire the Motorbike GPS to the Bike's relay switch?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by s050399b, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. How to wire the Motorbike GPS to the Bike's relay switch?

    Or who can help me?

  2. You just dumped 3 threads in succession in general. Particularly lazy posting. I've moved the posts but am inclined to let you know more lazy posting will see your posts removed.

    Any more info to share about your issue, or are you expecting us to read your mind?

  3. opps, too much sub-sub topics.....

    okay, I bought the Aldi GPS like a month ago? It's not like the gps for the car which you have the plug for it? the wire end just come with a black and red labelled wire.....
  4. Search Google for "installing a relay for auto accessories".

    You'll find lots of tutorials out there.


    (if, after some searching you don't understand, come back and ask some specific questions about the process and we'll probably be able to help).
  5. http://www.r1200gs.info/howto/relay.html


    okay, here's a very specific question; who can help me wire the GPS to my bike for free? Or could I wire up the GPS to become like an adaptor plug like in the car?

    I getting a yamaha majesty this thursday, and I don't want to blow it!
  6. Yes, sure you can wire it to an auxiliary socket, but that auxiliary socket should be wired to a relay on it's own circuit.
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  8. Ensure you use a fuse on the positive line from the battery.