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How to win Girlfriend of the Year in 5 easy steps

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. 1) Convince your boyfriend that for christmas this year instead of buying each other presents you should get yourselves a Playstaion 3 and Sony Bravia 46" LCD HDTV

    2) Buy your boyfriend a wireless keyboard & mouse for his PC just cause you're nice

    3) Buy your boyfriend a bluetooth wireless headset & mic as a suprise xmas present

    4) Get a DVI to HDMI cable & run it from the PC's 2nd DVI out to the TV, set up the 8800gts video card to run dual monitors with the TV as primary in 1920 x 1080p

    5) load up your boyfriend's favourite game & watch the grin on his face
    (BTW we got the TV & PS3 3 weeks before dad's heart attack, and I got the keyboard, mouse & headset 1 week before dad's accident.)



  2. Only an 8800gts... that g/f should be ashamed she didn't upgrade it to 2x 8800gtx's ;)
  3. Pity she didn't buy you some BLOODY TROUSERS. :LOL:
  4. That's very similar to the set up at our place! Good isn't it? :)

    Just out of curiosity, what wireless keyboard is that? Thinking of changing ours.....
  5. Why does he look like he's NEVER going to leave the recliner chair :LOL:???
  6. 6) @#$$^% $%$$&$&$$&# every day or when he's up for it without fail.


    ok, i'm so dirty. i'll behave.
  7. You sure have set the bar pretty high for next Christmas :LOL:
  8. it's a Logitech LX7 keyboard & mouse pack.
    it's RF wireless though not bluetooth wireless
    and it's meant to have a range of 10m but it's not...more like 3m.
    had to move the RF receiver closer to him so the mouse worked properly.

    i'd get a blutooth one if you can afford it.
  9. You know, you can get that same award in one easy step... Rinse and repeat. :p
  10. who says i didn't do that afterwards? :twisted:
  11. well there are a couple of beers next to his chair in that second pic :-w
  12. That headset has pretty bad lag. No good for a lot of games I'm afraid.

    Anyway, I'm easy pleased. A nicely cooked steak and a blowjob will keep me happy. Every day should be steak and blowjob day.
  13. Edgelett, I didnt know hairy apes could use playstation games but thank you for this information! :shock:
  14. Good grief, you're an angel in human form.

  15. Lucky you... So will you be going and buying one now????
  16. Nope.... I heard you took the last one :grin:
  17. Gotta love a nerdy girl who loves her man. I reckon she gets the geek out and his ass is off the PS3 as she commandeers it. If I was with nerd man I would do the same! Although I have 6 year old and an ex non nerd man, child would win out!
  18. Tash personally, and dare I say it, :-k speaking for the majority of male population, I would have said
    3)Sex and blowjob
    4)Blo :roll: you get the picture
    5)I kinda surprised I beat Loz to said suggestions :LOL: