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how to wash your bike

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. That's cheating, so it doesn't count :LOL:
  2. haha i have to teach mine how to do that in a bikini
  3. i dont mean to bragg, ok i do....
    she does.

    my wife is super-hot (to me) and a good sport! :grin:

    if only the temp got over 22
  4. I knw where teh sponge, bucket and water would end up if I asked my fiancee to wash my bike! :eek:

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    i know i am ultra lucky
  6. u took "great pics" too ha
  7. go on, say it, she's hot!!

    i could only agree.

    and yes, my shot selection is exceptional....she did wash the entire bike though. she loves me :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Thats funny. The piece of advice from this forum so far.
  9. I reckon I could probably get mine to wash mine...the real question is could I con her into degreasing, washing and treating the engine block and chain...
  10. :LOL:

    c'mon, we take what we can get!
  11. I've always washed my own bike, and occassionaly the hubby's.

    Yesterday though I excelled myself. My bike was 1000k's overdue for its service and cos Andrew has been so busy (have had the oil, filter etc for over a month) I kept asking him to show me how to do it. He wouldn't be in it, so when his brother rocked up yesterday I got him to supervise me :cool:

    Took it for a quick spin up to Willow Grove and back to warm it up and passed two guys heading the other way. Turned around a bit further up and about half way back I caught the other riders :eek: (obviusly they must have been riding like women if I caught up to them, but that's not the point.), I thought it was cool.

    Got home and started on my service. Now I know how to do it in future...I am so stoked :grin:

    Had a problem with the chain adjustment though (besides not being able to loosen the nuts :oops: ) turns out the wheel wasn't on square :shock: It's all good now though.

    Was I stoked....yippee for me.
  12. If I buy you the bikini, will you come wash mine??

    Am I dead yet? :LOL:
  13. I'll go you halves Vic, she can wear one half at your place and the other at mine.
  14. You guys wouldn't be rolling on the floor laughing if I took you up on it, you would be passed out stone cold.....not a pretty sight :rofl:
  15. +1

    And Joel, I've never seen the CBR in those colours. Dad's is red blue and white.
  16. Vic I hope that bikinis not for you :shock: :shock:
  17. oooooh, i need TITS to wash the bike,

  18. thought i should add that my automatic bikewasher gave FULL permission to post pics.