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How to verify age of a bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hairyhairy, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. I am just wondering, say if you were looking on bikesales or something and you see Honda Cbr250RR and it says 1998, when you inspect, how can you be sure its not 1990 or similar? Is there a sticker or plate somewhere that verifies the date of manufacture?


  2. Try to look for an engine number.... which should be hidden away somewhere under the fairing u may need to take it to a shop to get it checked.

    Look for plates near where ur knees go, big shiny silver plates u cant miss them. They should have lots of details on em. forgot what they are called

    Im in the exact same situation in a way. Except i know the age of the bike.

    Im getting 1989 Honda CBR250R, i just asked the owner and checked plates and all that jazz.

    Glad i could sort of help
  3. Look for an engine number AND chassis number - with something like a CBR250 not uncommon for the two not to match. Bike should also have both a compliance plate (date it was brought into the country) and a build plate (date it was actually made). Be wary of any sellers advertising a bike by its compliance date, they either don't know much about bikes or are deliberately trying to mislead buyers. Incidentally no CBR250 was made after '96 - though Honda kept selling them here as "new" for a few years after that (basically we got the stuff leftover in a warehouse somewhere).
  4. I'd steer away from a bike which had it's compliance date advertised and not it's build date (it won't be a 98 model). That tells me the deal's dodgy from the start.
  5. i had the same argument with another member, i said they stopped production in 96, but honda australia was putting build date plates on them up until 2000, so it could be a 98 but it might not be

    i googled cbr250rr to try and prove the member wrong, but in doing so proved myself wrong
  6. Saw the frame in half and count the rings...
  7. :rofl:

    Post of the day, Stew!!!
  8. thanks everyone for the replies, youve been very helpful!